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Fitting towing eyes
Zesty - 11/6/21 at 03:35 PM

Hi guys, my indy r does not have any tow eyes/hooks. Where is best to add them? I know they’re necessary for track days…

adithorp - 11/6/21 at 08:06 PM

If you've got a roll bar then track day marshals are happy to strap to that to tow you so they're not essential on kit cars.

On my Fury, I made some brackets for screw in eyes to fit (Vauxhall Astra from memory) and welded threaded bushes through the front and rear cross members to bolt then to.

Sanzomat - 11/6/21 at 08:13 PM

The towing eye rule on track days is mainly for tin tops. For kits the organisers/marshals understand that kits aren't always set up for such things. On my GTM they are happy to tow with a sling around a wishbone mount (and it has been done a couple of times!). On the 7 the front wishbones are very accessible for tow ropes, or as mentioned above the roll hoop is strong enough to tow from.

Tatey - 12/6/21 at 09:29 PM

On my Haynes I have attached one of these strap style tow eyes to one of my upper front wishbone mounts which works very well for winching my car onto my trailer. It does come close to the nose cone however so one to watch out for. 86

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Zesty - 13/6/21 at 07:25 AM

Thanks guys, looks like I’ll be ok as I have the full roll cage.

I did think that would suffice, but wanted to check.

Could look into the strap style for extra precaution as well.