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Hayabusa clutch
noc231073 - 14/9/13 at 06:55 AM

I am having a bit of trouble with my clutch on the Mk ... Hayabusa
I have done the usual checks ie the right oil , slave cylinder.. And checked the clutch... It now needs a clutch.
The only thing is just worry me is when the clutch was removed it was rather dry..... I have a dry sump and it not fitted long.. I am wondering if the dry sump is Starving the clutch of oil... Ie: before when you checked the oil the glass was full but not since the dry sump has been fitted...
Any ideas ....

big_l - 14/9/13 at 07:56 AM

That's fine mate its still getting the same oil as before the dry sump but it won't be sat in oil permanently as before
What's the problem with the clutch it's self is it slipping ??
If so get the SBD turbo clutch springs there loads better and eliminate all slip !

Oil level can only be checked in the dry sump tank shoukd be atleast half way !

noc231073 - 14/9/13 at 08:41 AM

New clutch plates should sort the problem then

noc231073 - 22/9/13 at 05:49 AM

Just to follow up ... The new clutch didn't sort the problem was still slipping ... After what I tought was getting to temperature but I was mistaken.... The problem was the actual slave cylinder throw... And having no stop on the clutch pedal without a stop on the pedal the slave cylinder crept out and eventually caused the clutch to slipp
So alway fitt a stop on the clutch pedal to prevent over travel of the slave cylinder