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Fabricate own forward reverse box with diff - looking for ideas and inspiration
woodsy144 - 15/11/23 at 07:26 AM


I am looking at designing and fabricating my own forward / reverse / diff arrangement for my mid engined build.
Noting I already have it running but would like to remove the chain drive / reverse stater motor arrangement.

I am looking at what others have done in the past, mainly Quaife with the QBA3R unit.

I was hoping I could get some information / inspiration with respect to such units, especially how the reverse is engaged.
Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Slimy38 - 15/11/23 at 11:20 AM

Aren't the prebuilt ones basically a small gearbox with two gears? Whatever you come up with has to maintain the 100-200 horses that you're going to put through it (at least in the forward direction, it's up to you whether you want 100HP in reverse...).

coyoteboy - 16/11/23 at 03:09 PM

Show us a photo so we can mull