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Propshaft length Type 9 to 7" Sierra diff (Velocity)
Andybarbet - 11/12/19 at 07:32 PM

Can anyone tell me a rough measurement from the diff to the gearbox on a Velocity XT with a type 9 gearbox & 7" sierra diff ?

I've spotted a propshaft at a reasonable price. If it's close, measurements wise I will take a punt on it.


Myke 2463 - 12/12/19 at 10:58 AM

Tiger Avon book shows 740 mm total length if that's any help.

theduck - 12/12/19 at 11:04 AM

I dont know the answer, but iirc the velocity is a bigger seven isnt it? If so I will have a prop coming out of my robin hood s7 this weekend which might be of use to you.

Andybarbet - 12/12/19 at 02:58 PM

The one I've seen is about 640mm from gearbox to diff flange so 740mm total length sounds plausible.

I'm pretty sure the velocity is smaller that the Robinhood ? The Luego Viento is the big guy. I think my chassis is basically a Locost chassis with some extra bits on.

I might take a punt on it then, as its local.

Andybarbet - 12/12/19 at 02:59 PM

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big_wasa - 12/12/19 at 08:57 PM

The velocity is basically a Locost with IRS like the mk Indy.

The mk Indy prop I removed was a total of 810mm from flange to tip. This was with an unmodified bell housing.

If I had kept the t9 I would have cut the bulge and moved the whole lot back. 60mm. Making it 750mm total or 600mm from the flange to the centre of the uj.

So the measurements below look to be in the ball park.

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