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Best tyres for 13s
Shaunk10 - 12/6/14 at 06:30 AM

Hi people, just brought some cheap 13s that fit my indy.

The tyres on them are 185/70/13

They look way to chunky and foul on the mudguards

What would my best bet be? 185/50/13?
Or can I increase to say 195/50/13? Or the other way 170/50/13?

Cheers chaps

Proby - 12/6/14 at 07:31 AM

185/60/13 and 205/60/13 sre the common sizes I think? Can't remember as I have 15's at the moment.

19sac65 - 12/6/14 at 08:16 AM

15" will give you a wider choice of sizes and makes for road use
If your sticking with 13" go 185/60

Shaunk10 - 12/6/14 at 08:47 AM

Cheers guys. It's currently got 15s on it, but I think the car looks abit strange on large rims. I think smaller 13s would suit the kit car image better?
It kind of reminds me of a ghetto cadalac on 22inch rims! I prefer the more go kart look.

What would changing wheel size do? Bearing in mind the wheels are thinner but I think lighter because of this?


steve m - 12/6/14 at 09:54 AM

My car has 185/60/13 and 205/60/13 on, and seems fine

I did have 13/60/205 on the front, and that was overkill, and too wide a tyre for such a light car

plus 13"s imho look so much better than 15"

Ugg10 - 12/6/14 at 10:40 AM

May need to check speedo calibration if the diameter is different to what you set it up on. can be used to compare wheel/tyre combinations to see what the diffrence is in diameter and therefore what the speedo indicated speed difference is.

whitestu - 12/6/14 at 03:11 PM

Sounds like the offset is wrong for the Indy if they foul the rear arches. should be ET38-40

185/60 13s have a very similar rolling radius to 195/50 15s.