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widetrack wishbones westfield
alfas - 21/12/17 at 07:51 PM


i came across a set of wishbones which look like the rally-design ones.
the red measurement is ~150mm.. a friend of mine, with a narrow westfield se, took the measurements of his standard wishbones : ~150mm

now im surprised....did rallydesign ever sell standard-wishbones (none widetrack)? or did i overview something?

procomp - 21/12/17 at 11:16 PM

If std track the distance from ball joint ctr to damper mounting bolt ctr will be 3 3/4" if wide track it will be plus 100mm.

Edit. Not plus 100mm its plus 50mm on each wishbone.

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Minicooper - 22/12/17 at 09:39 AM

~150mm that isn't right, rally design do a locost set which are the same design which are ~350mm which make the wide westfield version ~400mm


alfas - 22/12/17 at 07:09 PM

meanwhile i found out that the wishobone set i came across was wrongly it was the Locost set...means not a wide track.

interestingwise the measurements in terms of the chassis side fixing ponts look identical to westfield wishbones.

did you know that?

procomp - 22/12/17 at 09:48 PM

Only some. The original book is a direct copy of a Westfield wide SE chassis with subtle differences here and there.
MK, Luego, ST / Aries, others, all had different dimensions on wishbones and geometry / chassis mountings due to the wrong measurements with the original book that they all overcame by different means. However this doesn't stop people assuming they are all the same and trying to mix and match them creating all sorts of problems.

alfas - 23/12/17 at 12:24 PM

what i wanted to say is: i was surprised that the wishbones from RD, advertized for Locost, do have the same dimensions chassiwise, as the standard westfield se ones, as i thought westfield had its own measurements.

by the way: the measruements i compared, where taken from a narrow se

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