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Stiff steering from centre point
surfymac - 1/8/19 at 03:57 PM

I've got a Formula 27 with outboard suspension rather than the inboard design they originally had.

The steering is very stiff to get moving from the straight ahead position, once turned away from there it feels fine. It does the same even when not moving.

What could it be? Steering rack needs a refurb? Needs regreasing? Needs replacing?

theconrodkid - 1/8/19 at 05:24 PM

has the rack been overhauled / played with ?, it,s normally a sign the pinion is adjusted too tight, should be info on adjusting your rack on youtube

surfymac - 1/8/19 at 08:05 PM

Thanks, I'm not sure on the history of the rack. I'll have a look at adjusting an Escort rack on youtube

davew823 - 2/8/19 at 11:42 AM

If the pinion is adjusted too tight, it typically starts to get tight just off center. Jack up the front "wheels of ground" and see if you can find the blinding point in the system. Check shafts, joints, etc. You may have to disconnect some components to verify.