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Rear bearings (sierra push in shaft , 60mm OD) - inside and outside different ?
Andrzejsr - 19/1/21 at 11:52 AM

I have another dilemma with rear hub. Car with lot of mysteries

(hub type :
it is called "60mm"

After checking the existing bearings I am trying to change , to order new , I read the numbers on bearings, and it shows up that they are differnt (thought those inside and outiside should be the same ?) :

1. the races in the bearing carrier-hub are the same (symbol L68111)

2. but the main - central parts of the bearings are one 57331S - which diameters are 35x59,974x18,5mm )

- second is L68149 - 34,987 x 59,974 x 15,875

As I understand the difference is in the width of the bearing ( dimension ' T ' on this drawing : )

I know there are ready "kits" in the UK, but here I have to buy the parts separately. And would like to know it the previous owner of the car maybe used wht he has on the shelf , or is it proper to have two different bearing width sizez in this type of hub

And if so - which should be inside and which outside ?

loggyboy - 19/1/21 at 01:56 PM

IIRC the most common seirra bearings are 2 sizes (ignoring cossies etc). Those that suit discs brake hubs and those that suit drums.
Those are drum based hubs. (no tabs to secure the discs). So you would need to search for a drum based wheel bearing. Hope thats a start for you.

Andrzejsr - 19/1/21 at 02:12 PM

The hubs are product of MNR sportscars for their kitcars, not standar Ford ones. Matched with adapter plate with calipers and disc brake.

Waiting for the help from MNR , just thought those type of hubs are maybe popular also in other kitcars (MK etc..) .

Thabk You I try to find dimensions based on the seraching for berings for hubs for drum .

loggyboy - 19/1/21 at 04:31 PM

Are they alloy?
If not I honestly suspect they will just be refurbed sierra items. MNR wouldnt have the means or desire to forge their own parts for the numbers they produce.
If they are alloy then they are probably the same as these:

Andrzejsr - 19/1/21 at 05:55 PM

Yes! alloy and looks the same as those You linked!
Maybe I ask at Kitcardirect

Andrzejsr - 19/1/21 at 09:30 PM

Digging into those dimensions, looks like both : 18,5 and 16mm width are acceptable

Looking according to Ford Sierra read axle taking ino account only 60mm ext diameter (what is for sure ) there are few for the same aplication :

so and 18,5mm and 16mm and pair of 18,5 and 16mm

SKF set has 16mm (both I suppouse) : VKBA897 so