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Reccomend a brake pad
John G - 8/6/21 at 02:40 PM

My car came with track pads which lack feel . Can anyone reccomend some daily use pads?

cliftyhanger - 8/6/21 at 03:50 PM

mintex 1144
Ferodo ds2500

Myke 2463 - 8/6/21 at 04:15 PM

I use mintex 1144 no problems

snapper - 8/6/21 at 06:08 PM

1144’s and DS2500 I have used and work well.
Recently I bought some Green Stuff for my old Fiesta ST150… what a bloody faff getting them bedded in.
50mph for the first 200 or so miles gentle braking then some hard stops with cooling off time then build up speed until green band on the disc is even… this could take 1000 miles, I kid you not.
In their defence once bedded in they are good and inspire confidence but I don’t have enough time or mileage left in my life to drive that carefully for that long.

ian locostzx9rc2 - 8/6/21 at 06:41 PM

Another thumbs up for mintex 1144

John G - 8/6/21 at 08:22 PM

Many thanks, Mintex it ill be

Slimy38 - 9/6/21 at 08:10 AM

For those with Mintex, do you have any issues with noise? I put them on my Saab but the amount of noise coming off them was ridiculous.

To be honest my driving style (grandad driving with a slight pedestrian bias) didn't suit them at all. I went back to Pagid!

CosKev3 - 9/6/21 at 08:34 AM

Ferodo DS2500 are a excellent pad for road and track days