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Wide body Dashboard (IVA Compliant)
sammini7 - 19/1/20 at 05:54 PM


I wonder if anyone could advise me on where I could purchase a dash GRP/Carbon Fibre for a wide bodied Westfield thatís IVA compliant?

Many Thanks in advance

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BigMac - 20/1/20 at 12:25 PM

Mark at Carbon-NV can do you nice ones in either fibreglass or carbon with the rolled lip underneath. I 'think' you need the vinyl crash pad that goes around the outer edge for IVA though, and they're available from Westfield. Not sure if you'd get away with just u-trim around the edge, but happy to be corrected!

Otherwise, I think the ones from kitcardirect come with the rolled lip, but rectangular shape so you can trim to fit.

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