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Donut's old (1st) MK Indy up for sale
donut - 26/7/10 at 06:25 PM

I had a phone call tonight from the son of the chap who bought my 1st MK Indy. He was 83 when he bought it about 5 years ago and recently passed away so his son is selling the car and donating the money to charity.

The car is a recon 2 litre pinto engined car built by me (Except the wiring!) and was built with all new or recon parts. The car does not run properly due to carb problems and has no Tax or MOT. The car has been very well maintained!

The owner would like to see 4250ovno but it will need towing away unless you can sort tax, insurance and MOT plus fix the carb before driving it home. The car is about 25 miles West of MK.

His email address is and the chaps name is David Friend. The chap in the car (pic below) is Bob Friend the late owner. He was one of a kind! Great chap!

My Old MK
My Old MK

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