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'Megabusa' Hayabusa style text font decal sticker
Ian2812 - 5/4/18 at 11:51 PM

Just wondered if any 'BUSA' BEC owners would be interested in this?

When I bought my Westfield Megabusa, the car is covered in HAYABUSA stickers, I know its a Hayabusa engine but the car is a MEGABUSA. This was one of them little inaccuracies that really bugged me and felt the true identity of the car was not being advertised.

I looked everywhere and searched through multiple threads trying to source a font to make a MEGABUSA decal in the same style and font as the Hayabusa text, all unsuccessful.

I ended up making one myself one quiet night.

Sent image to local sticker shop and got 2 made. One for the rear, and a slightly bigger one for the hood.

Megabusa decal design & fit.
Megabusa decal design & fit.

If anyone is interested I can forward the file on via email so you can get them made locally to your size requirements, just get in touch.

Cheers, Ian.

Rob55 - 6/4/18 at 05:58 AM

Nice Touch - wouldn’t mind one myself. Will u2u my Email now

Ian2812 - 6/4/18 at 06:15 AM

On nights, just off to bed.

I will send tonight at some point...


SteveRST - 6/4/18 at 07:40 AM

Yes please, that's very good of you. I'll pm you my email address.

Ian2812 - 6/4/18 at 04:19 PM

No problem SteveRST. Will forward later.

Ian2812 - 6/4/18 at 07:21 PM

Sent to you both.

Ian2812 - 7/4/18 at 10:02 PM

Although I don't charge for the image, I do it for the love of the game, the payment is a few photo's for me / us all to see once you have fitted them...