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Oil, oil and head gasket
Quinten - 12/5/18 at 03:38 PM

2x 1L Castrol Manual EP 80W gearbox oil.  Brand new.  £8 each

3x 1L Fuchs Titan Race SYN5 gearbox oil.  Brand new.  £10 each

Ford 1.8L Silvertop Zetec head gasket.  Was part of a gasket set, but not used.  Brand new.  £5

Add postage, or collect from Northampton/Coventry

Quinten - 15/5/18 at 11:44 AM


Quinten - 18/5/18 at 01:03 PM


Quinten - 30/6/18 at 09:17 AM


Quinten - 11/8/18 at 04:17 PM

The Fuchs oil is all sold, just the Castrol and headgasket left