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Protech shocks for sale
JekRankin - 4/9/19 at 05:31 PM

Set of 4 Protech shocks for sale, specs as follows:

Open length: 12.5"
Spring seats: 2.25"
Single adjustable
1/2" dia bonded bushes

A few years old now, but have done only 100 miles since new.

215 for the set, plus postage.

I also have four 2.25" high quality springs made by Faulkner as follows:

2x rate 225lbs, length 8"
2x rate 180lbs, length 8"

Springs are effectively new and unused. 10 each plus postage.


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cfc999 - 5/9/19 at 07:45 PM

U2U sent

JekRankin - 9/9/19 at 08:01 AM

Price reduced. 180 plus postage for the set of four dampers.


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cfc999 - 9/9/19 at 02:06 PM

Very interesting
What are they off and do you know which model they are.
Looking for a set for my Sylva Striker.

cfc999 - 9/9/19 at 03:13 PM

u2u sent

JekRankin - 15/9/19 at 08:02 PM

Price drop! 160 plus postage for the four dampers.


Andybarbet - 15/9/19 at 09:33 PM

Do you know if the bushes can be changed ?

My suspension is M12 bolts.


kevyo89 - 5/10/19 at 09:07 PM

Are these still for sale? Pm coming your way