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Carbon tunnel top
adampage - 11/10/20 at 03:26 PM

This is a nice one, if it fits!

It feels like real carbon, very very light, but feels stiff, and looks great in natural weave. No holes or cuts, it's solid.

- 46" long
- 16" in the 'front/upper' section, 30" in the flat rear section
- about 11" wide at the front edge, tapering down to 7" for the rear section (and the rear is 7" all the way along, parallel sides)
- approx 1" return along both sides all along the length, no holes so believe never fitted

Not sure what car it's from, it's a bit wide for my MK Indy, but it's flat so unlikely to be MNR.

Not sure on price, but I think 50 feels fair, let me know if you want any photos on u2u and i'll send by email.
I'm in Stone, Staffs if you want to collect, or could post but at your risk if it's damaged on way.


CRAIGR - 11/10/20 at 04:09 PM

U2u sent

wowblaauw - 11/10/20 at 06:23 PM

Ho, very interested, u2 sent

adampage - 13/10/20 at 09:09 AM

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wowblaauw - 16/10/20 at 10:13 PM

Thanks Adam for sending out so quickly. Much appreciated.



adampage - 17/10/20 at 09:32 AM

Good news, glad it arrived quickly, thanks