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Pinto Bits
Barksavon - 21/2/21 at 01:20 PM

Had a bit of a clear out and got a few Pinto bits up for grabs
Couple of distributors, one of which is off my engine which was running Megajolt Ignition so is adapted.
Couple of Rocker covers, couple of alternator brackets.
Trigger wheels 36/1 toothed wheel for Megajolt ignition(bolts onto flywheel pulley)
Couple used water pumps, various pulleys, thermostat housing.
Some used valve springs, valves, rocker posts and hold down springs, rocker cover bolts and sump bolts.

If anybody is wanting any bits let me know.

Barksavon - 24/2/21 at 07:26 PM

Also got genuine Tiger Avon / Ford Pinto engine mounts, coupe of washer bottles, plastic cooling fan blade (mounts on water pump), unused clutch cable, rear brake fluid pressure reducing valve..

Agent Leman - 8/3/21 at 09:24 AM

Interested in the triggerwheel - do you have a photos showing how it mounts to the crank pulley, also, do you have any ignition maps for the megajolt & pinto? Thanks.