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SSC Stylus RT Project
DH2 - 3/5/21 at 07:13 PM

I've seen many posts like this and never thought I'd have to do it myself.
Unfortunately, I have to admit that other aspects of life have prevented much progress with my project for the last 6 years, and the reality is that is unlikely to change, so probably best to move it on to someone who can.

Bought as a running but untidy car in 2010, I set about a rebuild project that snowballed somewhat, with a decision to re-engineer the front and rear suspension, as well as engine and gearbox swap. Unfortunately, this means that it is not a rolling chassis at present. Original Escort-based front suspension could be re-instated, but the rear is half way through a conversion from live axle to IRS.
Plan is to use MX5 Mk1 front and rear uprights and brakes, MX5 Mk3 diff, and Ford Sigma engine with Type 9 gearbox.
Engine, gearbox and diff mounts are in the chassis. Also custom floor-mount pedal box. I have rear suspension geometry design, but not modelled or fabrication drawings.

I have a large number of parts for the project, including a high-spec fresh-built Sigma engine and BGH Type 9 gearbox, which I will offer to anyone interested in the whole project, in the first instance.

SSC Stylus RT

First registered in 1998 (pre-SVA) on an age-related Escort donor plate (1977).
V5C present, currently on SORN.
Started life as a classic Stylus, later converted to RT body.

Modified SSC chassis for IRS conversion.
Additional chassis strengthening throughout.
Caged full roll cage (bolt-in) within bodywork.
Full RT bodyshell with doors, bootlid, 2x bonnet, dash panels, tinted headlamp covers.
Custom floor mounted pedal box (twin brake master cylinders with bias bar)
Front suspension rocker arms, lower wishbones and Escort uprights.

I'm open to sensible offers. I know it's not worth what has been spent on it! But a V5'd chassis with a custom built cage must have some value.
I'll get some photos added soon.

There's a build thread here with some details:


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perksy - 3/5/21 at 07:23 PM

Sorry to see your having to do this

You'll probably already know that your better off putting some prices up Eg for the engine and gearbox, to save yourself getting loads of enquiries

Perhaps also list the spec of the engine and the ratios in the BGH?

Exhaust manifold and exhaust available?

Is the engine on carbs or injection?

Good luck with the sale

Schrodinger - 3/5/21 at 08:01 PM

I could be interested in the gearbox if you give me the spec and a price?

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DH2 - 3/5/21 at 08:19 PM

I'll list the parts in due course, if I don't get any interest in the project as a whole.


TK-41774 - 9/5/21 at 11:25 AM

That's a nice looking build. Would be interested to find out a ball park figure that you're looking for. Something to take it to the boss

DH2 - 10/5/21 at 02:17 PM

Originally posted by TK-41774
That's a nice looking build. Would be interested to find out a ball park figure that you're looking for. Something to take it to the boss

Hi, sorry only just seen your reply. I'll drop you a message later, but I'm thinking chassis with V5, all the body panels, original front suspension parts, the pedal box, the cage and the LSD diff (as it has been modified to fit the chassis) for 2.5k. Cage alone cost over half that.


DH2 - 14/10/21 at 07:37 PM

Need to face up to dealing with this now.
Some pics to help the imagination...




The chassis is a bit further along than this, but it gives an idea of what the status of it is, with the cage in place.


Front suspension modelled.


Rear suspension modelled.


number-1 - 15/10/21 at 06:15 PM

Stick it on the SSC stylus facebook page. It looks like a bargain to me