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Workshop stuff - engine crane, leveller, stand
David Jenkins - 4/11/21 at 02:41 PM

The clear-out begins!

I have listed the following stuff on Gumtree, mostly because it's simply not postable (or, to be precise, I'm not prepared to arrange shipping!) - items will have to be collected from just north of the Suffolk/Essex border, a few miles south of Ipswich.

Clarke 1/2 ton workshop crane, model CFC500F - 110

engine crane
engine crane

This crane can be folded so that it can be tucked away in a corner, and is easy to unfold when needed. 500kg capacity at minimum boom length, 150kg fully extended (total of 4 positions). I lifted my X-flow and type-9 gearbox together at the fully-extended position without problems. This thing is heavy - 88.5kg according to the manual (included) - so a van or trailer is required if you want to move it assembled, but it will unbolt down to its components very easily - the longest parts are the legs, which are roughly 1.7m long - so should fit in larger cars with the rear seats folded down. In good working order - but a bit grubby.

Clarke engine leveller - 25

engine leveller
engine leveller

I'm sure you all know what this does!

Crane & leveller together - 120

Clarke engine stand - 25

engine stand
engine stand

At times I've mounted a Pinto and a Crossflow on this, so it should cover almost all the stuff we do... makes engine work so much easier! Again, a bit grubby, but fully functional. Unbolts to several pieces that will fit in the boot of most cars.

Simon - 5/11/21 at 02:35 AM

Doing the same - had to abandon my mid engine Beetle project (for reasons I'm not going into) so scrapped the shell and chassis but engine, wheels, Beetle bolt on body bits, engine hoist have all been sold.

Will keep welding equipment and just stick to smaller things from now on...

nick205 - 5/11/21 at 08:37 AM

GLWTS David.

I used the same engine crane (my Dad's) to lift a Pinto + Type 9 from my donor Sierra and into y MK Indy.
It also had Pintos + Type 9s out of several other Sierra along the way.
He's used it to heft about some Jag engines and rear axle assemblies as well.
Served perfectly + I dismantled it and had it in the back of a Seat Leon hatchback (VW Golf sized car) a couple of times with no bother.

David Jenkins - 6/11/21 at 01:38 PM

BTW: I forgot to mention - the prices are negotiable! (within reason)

SJ - 6/11/21 at 05:05 PM

Shame I'm not closer. I need a hoist to get my MGB engine in.

David Jenkins - 7/11/21 at 10:25 AM