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AVO and Protech Shocks (and springs)
motorcycle_mayhem - 25/10/23 at 11:05 AM

AVO and Protech Shocks and Springs.
Advertised these a while ago on here, they're still on the shelf if anyone's interested.

One pair of new, unfitted, AVO alloy bodied, singly adjustable 2.25" shocks.
Dimensions are on the picture, however, if the information isn't visible then essentially:
14"-10.5", 1/2" I.D. sphericals, 9" 200 lb Suplex.

AVO Shocks: Merlin Motorsport (AWD 140/095) will expect 156.88 inc. each - Buy the two for 200
Springs: ca. 30 inc. each - Buy the two for 30

One pair of virtually new Protech (fitted, then removed upon project abandonment), singly adjustable 2.25" shocks.
12"-9.5", 12mm I.D. bushes, 6.5" 200 lb.

Protech Shocks: Protech will expect 136.18 each. My hope would be to recover 160 for the pair of Protech shocks, 25 for the pair of springs.

Collect from East Midlands in preference. Quite happy to post if you pay for it.



motorcycle_mayhem - 18/11/23 at 10:07 AM

AVO shocks and Suplex springs have now been sold.

Protech shocks and springs are still available.