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MK Indy project for sale - bargain for someone!
mookaloid - 2/11/23 at 04:39 PM

Anyone fancy a winter project?

Space needed.

Half built MK Indy tucked away in the back of my nice dry garage, not touched for seven or eight years. this was going to be a track only car but would be a good basis for a road car if desired. no photos as there is too much stuff in the way to get it out but if someone is seriously interested they can come and have a look.

Not looking for a lot of money - I know things are only worth what someone will pay so come and have a look and make me an offer. Getting it away is more important than the price.

Description from Memory in no particular order:

Rolling chassis with full welded cage.

2 sets of alloy wheels

all new protech shocks, suspension and brakes - the discs (all round) will have a bit of surface rust I expect but the brake fluid is DOT5 silicone fluid which is non hygroscopic so the brakes should be fine.

honda blackbird engine fitted with a shallow sump. yes I know. It comes with an accusump which I believe would solve the oil starvation issue. or chuck it away and stick something else in. propshaft connected up to sierra back axle. Not sure about ratio but also have a spare diff and drive shaft.

The steering is fitted with MK Modded narrow rack and a nice small steering wheel.

other controls: clutch is cable converted, hand brake works, steering column gear change, no throttle cable fitted.

Fibre glass seats present - need fitting

Side panels, wheel arches, scuttle and nose cone in blue need fitting no rear panel.

aluminium fuel tank, radiator. need plumbing in.

There is no wiring, no ignition system, no lights etc

Various exhaust parts including original manifold and choice of silencers

Located near Bedale North Yorkshire. message me if interested.



RWD Focus - 3/11/23 at 05:21 PM

U2U sent

jacko - 8/11/23 at 03:23 PM

I canít believe this sale has not been snapped up

adampage - 9/11/23 at 01:28 PM

Yeah i'm with you, LB and ebay both break my heart not being able to find the space or money to take in all these projects...

Good luck with the sale!

Wheels244 - 15/11/23 at 04:42 PM

U2U sent Mark

mookaloid - 19/11/23 at 09:08 PM

Sale now agreed. thank you all for your interest