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13x 7 Ford fitment Alley cat alloys
RWD Focus - 19/5/24 at 05:55 AM

Set of 5 Ford 4x108 Alleycat Rallye wheels
7x13 all need a clean up and paint but are straight and hold air, never repaired or cracked etc. Also come with some 13 inch semi slick tarmac tyres. Condition varies on the tyres and they are free so no guarantees on the tyres.
Wheels 250 for a set of 5
Collect from West Yorkshire.
Can email pictures by request.

JC - 20/5/24 at 06:11 AM

Hi there,

Do these fit over standard Sierra rear calipers? I know its tight on most 13s.

RWD Focus - 20/5/24 at 06:47 AM

Hi ive never tried them over sierra calipers sorry, they were fitted to a RWD puma using escort uprights and unknown 4 piston calipers