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Road Registered Kit Car
RichardB123 - 4/6/21 at 11:49 AM


I am once again looking for a new project.
I would be looking for something already road registered, either Q plate or IVA/SVA etc.
That maybe needs some work or is minus its engine/gearbox etc.


RichardB123 - 16/6/21 at 07:31 PM

Still looking.
One small thing, I am looking for a car engined vehicle, not bike.

GrahamC - 5/8/21 at 02:35 PM

I've got a couple of kit cars, which is basically one too many so now need to move one on!

There hasn't been any takers for my Duratec powered GBS Zero (listed on eBay at the mo) so I do have a road-registered Sylva Striker project up for grabs - this is what I was going to work on over the winter.

The car is road registered on a Q plate, 1991 vintage (there are no emissions values attached to the V5 so it's visual smoke test only at IVA time and no need for a Cat). It had been off the road since 1996 when I got it, it has been stripped down to bare metal, has had lots of chassis work done and is now sporting steel floors, full cage and gussets everywhere. I've reconfigured the chassis for a MK2.5 MX5 VVT engine which I have now successfully made mounts for and installed.

I've dry built the car up to rolling chassis stage and over the next week am stripping it down ready for fresh primer and epoxy chassis paint and then will be building it up.

It's got an English back axle with new bearings, rose jointed panhard and brand new disc brake set up.
The front end is sporting new bearings and new brakes.
Brake lines done
Handbrake done with new handbrake cables
New bias pedal box
MX5 collapsible steering column
New rad
New water pump and timing belt
New over-the-rail exhaust manifold
15" alloys
New wiring loom included but not yet installed
Spax all round
Good engine with new clutch
Good gearbox

So to finish it will need:
Fuel tank and lines
Lights (rear lights are present and installed in rear tub)
Body sorting (it's all there but needs varying amounts of fettling)
Seats - original bench seat is included, which tbh is just fine
Exhaust finishing

Once complete this will be a 150bhp 450kg beasty; I also have an M62 supercharger (that was to be phase 2 of my Striker project) to go with it also.

There are some pics in my photo archive of what it looked like last week. Once I finish seam welding it over this next few days (need it to stop raining first!) I'll get it painted and reassemble it back to a rolling chassis and if you are interested take some more pics.