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Seats Wanted
Big T - 20/10/21 at 07:59 AM

I am after a set of seats please, preferably a pair but will consider singles.

I am after a hard shelled fibreglass seat, however will consider upholstered seats if anyone has anything available.

Iím working to a pretty low budget, so must be cheap. Worn, tatty and otherwise rough looking is fine. It doesnít have to be IVA compliant.

Ideally in the south east corner of the country unless youíre happy to Chuck it in the post.

If you have anything please let me know.

nick205 - 22/10/21 at 08:06 AM

Big T

I can't help with seats, but it may help if you put your location in your Profile. It will let others on here know where you are and if they're close by (close enough for you to pick up from them).

Parkstar - 27/10/21 at 02:34 PM

I've got a pair of westfield padded seats you're welcome to have if you're nearby. They're a bit tatty but still perfectly usable.

I'm in Thame, Oxfordshire