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tig welder
dave r - 10/1/18 at 04:55 PM

bit of a long shot
but i am looking for a manual for a hobart tg165
miller who now owns the hobart brand in the state cant/wont help because it was made in holland

voucht - 10/1/18 at 06:11 PM

Is this website of any help?

dave r - 10/1/18 at 07:51 PM

No, the Dutch and American outfits didn't seem to talk... emailed them earlier

Myke 2463 - 11/1/18 at 10:50 AM

Try the tig section

dave r - 11/1/18 at 05:13 PM

tried them, no joy so far,
currently trying to message a dutchman, who has one for sale on a gumtree type site over there, seeing if he has a manual

Minicooper - 11/1/18 at 05:49 PM

Is the machine broke and the manual is needed to fix it? or do you just want to know what each control does?


dave r - 11/1/18 at 08:20 PM

The pre gas timer does not work, it goes straight into hf start/weld...
It's useable, but not right....
The timer boards, are stacked with interconnects, don't want to split the boards without a diagram as it risks it not working again