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Protools 105 tube bending dies
wacomuk - 20/3/19 at 05:33 PM

Does anyone have a 42 or 45 mm die to suit a protools 105 heavy duty tube bender that they want to sell?
I need to make a cage but the main hoop needs to be 42/45mm

Minicooper - 8/4/19 at 10:08 AM

I used Tom the tube bender on E- Bay to do a CDS 45mm od roll hoop with 4 bends for me in the correct material for about a 120 ish delivered

I have a 2" die set for the pro tools bender for 100 for sale plus delivery if that is any use to you


wacomuk - 14/4/20 at 09:41 PM

that is to big but thanks

anyone got any other size dies for sale? 1" ??