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sheet metal folder
Stuart_B - 6/5/08 at 05:01 PM

hi all, does anybody got plans how to make sheet meatal folder?


hillbillyracer - 6/5/08 at 09:27 PM

I've seen plans somewhere but I cant remember where! Bound to be something on tinternet. If you've got a bit of work to do I'd look for a second hand one, it took a while but I got a 6ft Edwards 14g (2mm) box & pan folder on Ebay for 640. It's not perfect but good enough to do what I need. Worth near 200 just as scrap now, best keep it out of sight!

clairetoo - 6/5/08 at 10:24 PM

I`ve made a few of these over the years but I`ve never had any plans - just made it up as I went along
To be honest there not much to it - just three lengths of angle , some bits of plate , a few bolts and some tube for the handle is all you need ( and a welder ,drill and grinder )

Stuart_B - 7/5/08 at 07:02 AM

i have got the angle iron.

what size folders have you made?


timf - 7/5/08 at 09:00 AM

part 1

timf - 7/5/08 at 09:01 AM

part 2

Stuart_B - 7/5/08 at 01:25 PM

cpen the file, it comes up with the file is invald or couurpt!!

are they online any where?


timf - 7/5/08 at 03:27 PM

it seems xp zip folders doesn't like new winzip files try this one

Stuart_B - 7/5/08 at 03:30 PM

does the same thing.

that is strange.

Alan B - 7/5/08 at 05:41 PM

I just tried them.....same thing.... invalid or corrupt it says...

MikeRJ - 7/5/08 at 06:07 PM

I downloaded and opened the first one fine, but neither WinZip or WinRar will open the second one.

timf - 7/5/08 at 06:32 PM

both created with winzip 11

opened them at home with winzip 11 its ok use xp win folders say corrupted

will try somthing else

timf - 7/5/08 at 07:03 PM

pkziped files

timf - 7/5/08 at 07:04 PM


timf - 7/5/08 at 07:05 PM


clairetoo - 7/5/08 at 07:23 PM

Originally posted by Stuart_B
i have got the angle iron.

what size folders have you made?


All sizes - these (in the shed at the mo`) will bend up to 54" !

Stuart_B - 28/5/08 at 06:24 PM

i made a metal folder, picture below.

works well


how do i get the picture's in, they are in my archive?

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iank - 28/5/08 at 06:33 PM

Click quote to see the incantation.

metal folder
metal folder

metal folder 2
metal folder 2

Stuart_B - 28/5/08 at 06:40 PM

does it work know

metal folder
metal folder

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