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Making a Roof
AntonUK - 19/7/19 at 08:57 AM

Hi All,
I'm meant to be going to a trackday this weekend in the Ginetta G27 but its going to be a shakedown event for the car and now the weather has changed for this weekend I've chickened out and taking the R53 mini instead. Primary reason is I dont have a roof for the Ginetta and driving in the rain is a miserable experience

Do any of you have recommendations for either a good DIY or ideally a company that can take the car and make a nicely fitting useable removable roof for the car?

dickie b - 19/7/19 at 10:50 AM

Hi there - fereday cars do a hardtop for the G27 . Alan Fereday is a nice guy but retired now I think.

See pics here :

If not try Andy Westgate at Westgate Composites. He did my old Fury / Phoenix tail conversion and his work is first class.

Br Richard

dickie b - 19/7/19 at 10:52 AM

swanny - 22/7/19 at 09:01 AM

at the low tech, DIY end, as you have a full cage why not make a simple one. caravan awning rail on the front bar of the cage and a bar/strap set up at the back with a few bits of velcro to avoid flapping. mines been on for 500 miles and seems fine even with an odd-shaped cage like mine. it keeps the worse off

hopefully, these two links will work