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Windscreen for Stuart Taylor
milesmiles999 - 17/5/24 at 08:36 AM

Hi! Newbie here!!

I just bought a lovely bright green Stuart Taylor Locost about 20 years old, Toyota twin cam with Kawasaki carbs, goes like a rocket (in my humble opinion).

It's fitted with an aero screen, which I want to change for a windscreen. Does someone know the definitive answer to what will fit properly?

I tried to search, but didn't find it, sorry if this is already answered somewhere!!


JAG - 17/5/24 at 10:33 AM

I have a Stuart Taylor car and Ian Grey told me to buy a Caterham windscreen.

I did and it fits perfectly - pictures in my Photo Archive

JAG - 17/5/24 at 10:34 AM

It looks like this...

More spring evening
More spring evening

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milesmiles999 - 17/5/24 at 11:03 AM

Well thanks for the quick reply and the pic, that looks great fitted! I'll start trawling Fleabay for a used one!

John G - 19/5/24 at 03:07 PM

There is a guy on the lotus seven forums selling one

S3 Black none heated screen and mounting brackets.
could do with a bit of a touch in or re spray.

150 collect from Gu27 area

I can message him if you need

milesmiles999 - 20/5/24 at 07:25 AM

Hi John, thanks for the message, that's really helpful. Sounds perfect, if you could message for me would be much appreciated. You can give them my contact number 07435 478540. Cheers. Miles

John G - 20/5/24 at 08:16 AM

Have messages him

milesmiles999 - 20/5/24 at 08:21 AM

Fab, thanks very much, appreciate the assistance

milesmiles999 - 21/5/24 at 09:29 AM

Hiya John G, thanks so much for the lead on the Caterham windscreen, I've spoken to him and we're all sorted. Great result cheers