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Aeon Epona
Gaz 1977 - 16/1/08 at 05:02 PM

I can now anounce that I am working with Aeon Sportscars to take the Epona project a step futher.

A revised final model will be on display at the Kent Kit car show for all to see.

Thanks to everyone on here for all the help and advice so far.

Gaz Rescued attachment Epona front 34 fin model.jpg
Rescued attachment Epona front 34 fin model.jpg

Gaz 1977 - 16/1/08 at 05:04 PM

I know most of you have seen these pics but its the start of a new thred. Rescued attachment SMART GLASS AREA RENDERING small.jpg
Rescued attachment SMART GLASS AREA RENDERING small.jpg

BenB - 16/1/08 at 05:10 PM

I like it

It does look like a Ford Puma back end attached to a Marcos front end...

but I like it

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worX - 16/1/08 at 05:13 PM

Hi Gaz,

Good luck with it all!


skydivepaul - 16/1/08 at 05:17 PM

best of luck with the project.

the car looks fantastic


higgsti - 16/1/08 at 05:30 PM

like it looks like a t350 which i love chevy ls1 engine in there would sound nice too

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donut - 16/1/08 at 05:43 PM


Thanks to everyone on here for all the help and advice so far

Do we get comission?

Looks reat!! Good luck with it.

onzarob - 16/1/08 at 05:45 PM

It looks stunning.

Hows the exhaust going to fit, without being a cabin heater?

I have read the other threads but seen no mention....I may be blind LOL

Gaz 1977 - 16/1/08 at 05:48 PM

not to sure yet there are lots of options and its still early days.

there is the possibility of running the pipe through the sill and exiting through the side

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907 - 16/1/08 at 06:15 PM

I look forward to seeing an "Aeon Epona" parked in the drive.

Good Luck


bassett - 16/1/08 at 06:25 PM

Looks wicked, whens that Kent Kit Car Show so i can see it in the flesh?

Gaz 1977 - 16/1/08 at 06:29 PM

The Detling show is on the 12-13th of april

I have a few mods to do to the model for the show, so i'm gonna be busy...

iank - 16/1/08 at 06:32 PM

Well done.

Kent show is April 12-13

Confused but excited. - 16/1/08 at 06:36 PM

It's drop dead georgous!

Winston Todge - 16/1/08 at 07:00 PM

Good work Gaz.

Looks great!

What is the target motor for this design?

Big enough for V8's and the like?


Gaz 1977 - 16/1/08 at 07:07 PM

Well the first one, will have a Zetec in it, Because I have the Engine sitting in the shed.

The engine i always had in mind for the car is the Alfa V6.

There will be plenty of room to fit whatever you fancy.


roadrunner - 16/1/08 at 07:17 PM

It does look very good, a bit like a TVR BMW Z4 cross, and that to me is no bad thing.

RazMan - 16/1/08 at 07:34 PM

Does that mean I can tell more people about it now Gaz?

caber - 16/1/08 at 07:58 PM

Brilliant! Glad to see that your excellent work is likely to bear fruit! Please keep in mind the option for a retrofit body kit for us locosters!


Trev D - 16/1/08 at 09:10 PM

Well done Gaz.

Rogue Se7ens - 17/1/08 at 12:05 AM

Very nice gaz. I like how the nose came out in the model compared to some of the original sketches I saw. Also looks to be a bit of a 'double bubble' on the top, nice.

tom_loughlin - 17/1/08 at 08:45 AM

Very TVResque, gets my thumbs up

FUORISERIE - 17/1/08 at 01:57 PM

Great design Gaz, and the best of luck with the production kit.

Looking forward to seeing it in person.


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Triton - 18/1/08 at 09:13 PM

Ding dong that's nice


Schrodinger - 18/1/08 at 10:01 PM

That's good news.
What chassis are you building it on?

bassett - 19/1/08 at 12:00 AM

Cheers for the link didnt even realise a kit car show was so close to me, plus il have a big shopping list of parts to get by then

Gaz 1977 - 19/1/08 at 03:15 PM

as far as the chassis is concerned, it will have its own, developed by Aeon.



ettore bugatti - 19/1/08 at 03:51 PM

Which price target are you aiming on?

Looks brillant!

Gaz 1977 - 19/1/08 at 04:20 PM

I am not too sure at the moment, as soon as i know I will post it on here.


Mr Whippy - 19/1/08 at 07:10 PM

it's back, I was wondering what had happened to it.

I never got to see what the Rolls Royce turned out like, it was a great idea

stevebubs - 20/1/08 at 05:11 PM

Quick question - is the roof section going to be removable (ala elise) ??

Gaz 1977 - 20/1/08 at 05:13 PM

thats the plan

Gaz 1977 - 21/1/08 at 06:59 PM

I have some news on the price of the Aeon epona kit. We believe that we can produce a basic kit (chassis and Body) for around £4500-5000 plus VAT

Although Aeon will be developing a chassis for the Epona we will be using the wheelbase and track from a plus four chassis. So the option of retro fitting the body to an existing chassis is more then possible.

The Aeon Chassis will have lower side rails then the normal Seven one, to allow a more conventional door.

What do all you chaps think of the idea of the epona being open top rather then targa?

and what do you think would sell better?

I realise that alot of people have said that the Epona will be an expensive kit, but we are doing our best to keep the price low.

Any questions feel free to ask.



[Edited on 21/1/08 by Gaz 1977] Rescued attachment rear 34 adam,small.jpg
Rescued attachment rear 34 adam,small.jpg

Delinquent - 21/1/08 at 07:32 PM

Originally posted by Gaz 1977
What do all you chaps think of the idea of the epona being open top rather then targa?

and what do you think would sell better?

[Edited on 21/1/08 by Gaz 1977]

Personally, I think there are plenty of 7ish sized open top cars to choose from already - and virtually no hardtops - if you go open you are going into a largely occupied market.

Closed top is enough to make me stay tuned in to see the results. Open top I wouldn't really be bothered as I'd never buy it!

Just my 2penth worth!

sgraber - 22/1/08 at 04:17 PM

It's simply gorgeous. So small, yet packed with flowing visual goodness. Muscular yet delicate. Like a featherweight prize fighter. Sorry, the alliteration keeps flowing like...

I think you need to keep it as a coupe since it nicely fills a niche in your weather challenged world.

However, I can really see that as a roadster and wow would it look good too!

DarrenW - 22/1/08 at 04:36 PM

Im liking the idea of a targe top. Im thrilled that aeon are taking an interest. It looks like a very popular car in the making. Is the shell going to be one piece or sectional? Just thinking if the worse was to hapen and you prang a wing how easy it would be to replace (unless full shell isnt too expensive).

Is it planned to be opulent inside or more elise like (stripped out racer look).

I really like it. lets hope the prototype is onshow this year!

David Jenkins - 22/1/08 at 08:08 PM

Will it have doors like RazMan's Aeon, with the roof bits that hinge upwards? If so a targa-style top would be fairly easy to achieve.

I like the idea of a targa top...

ettore bugatti - 22/1/08 at 10:34 PM

I dont like targa's at all.
They combine all the disadvantages of open and closed cars.

A targa just isn't focussed like a pure coupe or roadster...

Or is Nissan 100NX subzero cool nowadays?

Just made the coupe and develop a targaroadster like TVR for the hair dressers.

[Edited on 22/1/08 by ettore bugatti]

Benonymous - 22/1/08 at 11:38 PM

I agree with Delinquent. Stick with a hard top. It's going to be more trouble and more expensive but it will be almost unique at the same time. In addition, many of the best styling elements in your design are tied together by the turret. I especially like the rear deck and the rear window. Don't be discouraged by thinking it will cost too much, people lay out much more on tweaking their silly production cars than yours will cost in total.

neilj37 - 23/1/08 at 08:16 AM

Got to agree with the others, stick with a hard top. IMHO there are to many leak paths on a targa top if it isn't fitted properly + you don't want to end up in the same situation as the TVRs where the targa flys off at high speed (allegedly).

If you think a removal top is required why not have the whole roof removable as a panel rather than sections?

Gaz 1977 - 23/1/08 at 08:19 PM

Thanks for the great response chaps, it is great to get different peoples opinions.

I will try to answer every-ones questions at once.

I rather like the idea of the body-shell being one piece (not the doors) as it makes for an easier build and a reduction in shut lines that can look unattractive on kits.

As far as the interior is concerned, there will be a basic interior but i rather like the idea of offering an optional interior kit, Different people like different things, My one will have the nicest, most resolved interior that i can build. But some people like the stripped out race look.

The doors on the Epona will be conventional in their design .

The rear window is to be hinged to offer access to a luggage area. If i am going to drive this thing to work each day, i want somewhere to put my toolbox.

As for targa tops being for hairdressers, I like them...... But.... I do drive an MX5.

Keep em coming.


edspurrier - 25/1/08 at 05:13 PM

Beautiful. I'd be tempted to try to build one as a daily driver, with aircon etc.

Schrodinger - 25/1/08 at 06:11 PM

Keep it as it is.
I don't think the £5k for body chassis is out of the way, obviously it will depend on what else will be included like interior, exhaust. instruments etc but even so I am interested.
Keep it coming

quadra - 25/1/08 at 07:22 PM

It looks stunning and you can be proud of all the work you have put into it so far. Just try to maintain the superb contours and lines into the production version, too many times prototypes are launched and then the road version is disapointing i.e. the Toniq.

Cheers Mike

Gaz 1977 - 26/1/08 at 08:50 AM

Thanks again chaps.

I was worried that after admitting owning an Mx5 that no one would speak to me.

I am planning to build my own as a daily driver as i haven't got much space to keep loads of cars, (Saying that, my dads got a nice big, soon to be muddy lawn.)

I am going to spend today working on the revised model. As soon it has reached a suitable point i will put a few pics up.



907 - 26/1/08 at 12:30 PM

Originally posted by Gaz 1977

I am planning to build my own as a daily driver as i haven't got much space to keep loads of cars, (Saying that, my dads got a nice big, soon to be muddy lawn.)



Does anyone know where I can get a large Five Bar Gate with chain and padlock?


rusty nuts - 26/1/08 at 12:41 PM

Originally posted by 907
Originally posted by Gaz 1977

I am planning to build my own as a daily driver as i haven't got much space to keep loads of cars, (Saying that, my dads got a nice big, soon to be muddy lawn.)



Does anyone know where I can get a large Five Bar Gate with chain and padlock?


No! but I know a good welder? Cars looking good Gaz, Will it be on the road before dads?

Gaz 1977 - 27/1/08 at 11:27 AM

Its looking that way.

You can't beat a bit of father son rivalry.

I should have a few pics of some changes to the model to put on here in the week.

Running it through the band-saw at work was strangely satisfying

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[Edited on 27/1/08 by Gaz 1977]

RazMan - 27/1/08 at 12:17 PM

I have a feeling the extra width will improve the proportions even more Gaz - looking forward to seeing the pics.

Gaz 1977 - 2/2/08 at 04:59 PM

I hope that the model has moved on enough now for you all to get a good idea of where the design is going.

I must stress, it is very much work in progress and there is still lots to do.


Gaz Rescued attachment WIP FT 34.jpg
Rescued attachment WIP FT 34.jpg

alexdj125 - 3/2/08 at 12:03 PM

Amazing! when its finished, I'll take one!

Gaz 1977 - 3/2/08 at 01:58 PM

Post me a cheque for £500,000 alex and you can have the honer of the first one, and I will have the second.....

I went into work today and did a bit more on the model. I wetted the model to try and show the curves a bit better than the last pic. Rescued attachment IMGP2192 s.jpg
Rescued attachment IMGP2192 s.jpg

Gaz 1977 - 3/2/08 at 01:59 PM

and another. Rescued attachment IMGP2189 s.jpg
Rescued attachment IMGP2189 s.jpg

Tralfaz - 3/2/08 at 02:59 PM

Brilliant Gaz. I am excited to see the reworked front. I must admit the 'undercut/intake/etc.' between the bonnet and fender never worked for me. New design is spot on IMO.

All the best,


Gaz 1977 - 15/2/08 at 06:01 PM

Well the model is getting there.

still a few mods but i am happy with how its going.

I still have to mod the other side so it is symetrical. you will have to use your imaginations a little. Rescued attachment P2150029 1.jpg
Rescued attachment P2150029 1.jpg

Gaz 1977 - 15/2/08 at 06:02 PM

more pics to come Rescued attachment P2150013 2.jpg
Rescued attachment P2150013 2.jpg

Gaz 1977 - 15/2/08 at 06:02 PM

and more Rescued attachment P2150025 3.jpg
Rescued attachment P2150025 3.jpg

Gaz 1977 - 15/2/08 at 06:03 PM

and another Rescued attachment P2150008 4.jpg
Rescued attachment P2150008 4.jpg

Gaz 1977 - 15/2/08 at 06:04 PM

and finally

Thanks chaps

Gaz Rescued attachment P2150010 5.jpg
Rescued attachment P2150010 5.jpg

Delinquent - 15/2/08 at 08:58 PM

A seriously fine piece of work, congrats.

If I may make one reaaaaalllly tiny comment...

What is the door glass from? could the top back corner be rounded off a smidge? (if not the actual glass, if it has a pillar could this be used to make it look a bit rounded?) Just looks a bit abrupt on such a smoothly flowing design.

[Edited on 15/2/08 by Delinquent]

DarrenW - 15/2/08 at 11:24 PM

Ive just wet something. What a stunning model.

Lets hpe the accountants dont stuff it up. Deserves some power and backing.

I cant believe i said targa top would be nice a while back. Full roof is v.great.

Gaz 1977 - 16/2/08 at 11:40 AM

thanks chaps,

I need to have a look at the glass, i will have a play today and see what i can come up with.


RK - 16/2/08 at 02:18 PM

Are you making a car for Shetland people?

Seriously nice work!

neilj37 - 16/2/08 at 09:01 PM

Car looks better and better every time you post pics.

Getting some good reviews and write ups in the kit car magazines as well. Got to take my hat off to you for a great job.

Gaz 1977 - 17/2/08 at 09:52 AM

I just received the march issue of Complete Kit Car, and it gets a whole page

It does keep cropping up in other places (forums etc) If anyone spots it anywhere please let me know. I found it on a Dutch kit site the other day. I think they got a few facts wrong but it is hard to tell as i don't speak the lingo.

I will take some more pics when i get to work today and put them on later.

Its very handy having the Keys to a model making workshop.

I measured my mk1 Mx5 to compare the size of the Epona yesterday. The Epona will be an inch wider, 3 inches shorter and 2 inches lower. Basically imagine a front engined Elise and you wont be far out.

I checked the headroom the other day and made a basic mock-up. I sat on a piece of 70mm thick tooling board and found that i still had 9 inches of headroom. I'm 6 ft so i think that will be ample and you should have a good choice of seats
Thanks for the comments.


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Gaz 1977 - 17/2/08 at 02:55 PM

as promised, here are todays new pics Rescued attachment IMGP2208 s.jpg
Rescued attachment IMGP2208 s.jpg

Gaz 1977 - 17/2/08 at 02:56 PM

and another Rescued attachment IMGP2214 s.jpg
Rescued attachment IMGP2214 s.jpg

Gaz 1977 - 17/2/08 at 02:57 PM

last one


Gaz Rescued attachment IMGP2207 s.jpg
Rescued attachment IMGP2207 s.jpg

Delinquent - 17/2/08 at 05:41 PM

massive improvement to the door glass IMO - spot on mate

907 - 17/2/08 at 05:45 PM

Today's job was to make the exhaust manifold, or as far as we can go at the moment.
I think the plan is for this to disappear down the sill.

Paul G Rescued attachment IMGP2215-s.jpg
Rescued attachment IMGP2215-s.jpg

Bob C - 17/2/08 at 06:12 PM

Originally the plan was for this body to sit on a standard locost chassis - I get the impression that idea no longer applies - am I correct? (and slightly sad...)

NS Dev - 17/2/08 at 09:46 PM

Only just read this lot.


1) No its not too expensive at that price, I think it will be more though when the concept is realised, but is a 6K kit too pricey in the market now.......possibly not.

2) Do some research on where Zolfe see their market with the Zolfe Orange. Its a similar concept but being built (it would appear) by people with no industry knowledge.

3) Lovely piece of work!

Gaz 1977 - 18/2/08 at 09:32 PM

Thanks chaps for the comments, i will look up the orange thing in a min.

As for the Epona body fitting on a locost chassis, it still will.

The width of the body is based on the sierra back end, so anyone with IRS should have no problem.

However, the front of the Epona is the same width as the rear so longer wishbones would be needed.

We are lowering the side rails to allow easy access. On a locost chassis you would open the door and have a rail to climb over.

To sum up, it will still fit but a few mods are needed. so cheer up Bob.



ettore bugatti - 19/2/08 at 12:14 AM

Originally posted by Gaz 1977
It does keep cropping up in other places (forums etc) If anyone spots it anywhere please let me know. I found it on a Dutch kit site the other day. I think they got a few facts wrong but it is hard to tell as i don't speak the lingo.

I would be happy to translate it for you.

DarrenW - 19/2/08 at 09:37 PM

You 2 (Dad and son) are just showing off now Some rare skills in that household.

907 - 20/2/08 at 08:48 PM

Cheers Darren....

The wife/mother says we are both very trying.

Paul G

Gaz 1977 - 20/2/08 at 09:53 PM

She says we're Special.

DIY Si - 23/2/08 at 12:48 PM

Having only just gotten the interweb back, all I can say is WOW!!! Also damn good to hear that you've gotten official backing now too. I love the changes you've made to the front end and the little tweak to the rear glass. It's the tiny things that'll make or break a car like this, and from here it looks damn spot on sir!

andyd - 25/2/08 at 04:52 PM

I've not read much on the forum for a while and just dipped in to see what's happening and DAMN! That's some serious automotive porn Gaz!

I'm now gonna have to wander back thru your other posts to lap up the info.

Kudos my man, I hate you because you're so talented with that model and love you for the enthusiasm for my own dusty project you just given me!

I know I may be able to get the answer by looking at previous posts but... how did you start the model? Was it from a CAD drawing then formed by CNC or did you start with a blank table and a pot of body filler?

Whichever way, it's mega. Keep up the great work.

DIY Si - 27/2/08 at 06:44 PM

Just thought of another question for you! Will Aeon be able to offer the wheels you have on the model? Or is there a similar wheel already out there? Otherwise, I think I've just found my replacement toy car! Would you have an idea on what the kit would actually contain?

Gaz 1977 - 28/2/08 at 08:13 PM

The wheels on the model are a mixture of various wheels. I am a bit undecided myself as to what to fit. I thought that i would leave it up to the individual.

The basic kit we be everything that is unique to Epona, Chassis, body etc. The best thing to do would be to ring Aeon


RazMan - 28/2/08 at 08:31 PM

Those wheels are not a million miles away from Compomotive CXR s aren't they?

DIY Si - 28/2/08 at 08:39 PM

Might have to give them a ring in the morning then!

DIY Si - 28/2/08 at 09:46 PM

Sorry to be awkward, but I have another question. Are there any plans for a roll bar/cage in it at all? If so, any idea what form these may take, ie full race type cage, normal hoop with stays etc?

mangogrooveworkshop - 29/2/08 at 11:28 AM

Originally posted by Gaz 1977
Thanks again chaps.

I was worried that after admitting owning an Mx5 that no one would speak to me.

I am planning to build my own as a daily driver as i haven't got much space to keep loads of cars, (Saying that, my dads got a nice big, soon to be muddy lawn.)

I am going to spend today working on the revised model. As soon it has reached a suitable point i will put a few pics up.



Look to the mazda as a donor or a 3 series Beemer as they are very plentyfull

Gaz 1977 - 2/3/08 at 06:29 PM

I had a look at the CXRs and cant make my mind up.

What about these.

Im am going to hide the mx5 now. just incase any of you get any ideas.

Gaz. Rescued attachment epona wheels.jpg
Rescued attachment epona wheels.jpg

Gaz 1977 - 3/3/08 at 09:02 PM

here we have a few update pics Rescued attachment a.jpg
Rescued attachment a.jpg

Gaz 1977 - 3/3/08 at 09:03 PM

first pic of the opening boot Rescued attachment b.jpg
Rescued attachment b.jpg

Gaz 1977 - 3/3/08 at 09:04 PM

and another Rescued attachment c.jpg
Rescued attachment c.jpg

Gaz 1977 - 3/3/08 at 09:07 PM

side view Rescued attachment d.jpg
Rescued attachment d.jpg

Gaz 1977 - 3/3/08 at 09:09 PM

The rear end Rescued attachment e.jpg
Rescued attachment e.jpg

Gaz 1977 - 3/3/08 at 09:10 PM

and the last one.

Thanks chaps

Gaz Rescued attachment f.jpg
Rescued attachment f.jpg

RazMan - 3/3/08 at 11:18 PM

Love those rear lights Gaz

DIY Si - 4/3/08 at 04:15 PM

Very nice indeed sir! As soon as I get my cars sorted and sold there'll be one of those under way in my garage. In black, I think.

Oh, is there a finalised idea for the exhaust(s) yet? Out the side, or a wobbly pipe up over the rear suspension and out the back?

[Edited on 4/3/08 by DIY Si]

Gaz 1977 - 4/3/08 at 07:51 PM

I am thinking of running the pipe down the sill and out before the rear wheel.

Always open to suggestions though.


DIY Si - 4/3/08 at 09:53 PM

Would there be space to run a pipe down both sides? I'm planning on running the alfa V6 as you intended, but would quite like rear exit exhausts, one from near each rear corner. Do you know how much space there will be in the sills and under the rear part of the shell? I know it has been done in a 7 as I remember seeing a pic on here, possibly by Donkernvoort (but I may be wrong), only it requires the exhaust to run up near where the wheel arch would normally be. I'm not sure this would be a good idea under/in a full shell though as it could get damn hot, and if it starts to blow at all, all those lovely fumes stay inside too......
I suppose the other option is a funny shaped tunnel where the pipe(s) could run along the lower edge and under/outside the car. Again though, heating may be an issue, as could fuel and brake line placement. Me thinks there needs to be a chassis first to have a look see what's doable and what's not.

Edited to say that twin pipes exiting flush to the surface on each side, whilst an ar$e to keep clean, could look very nice.

[Edited on 4/3/08 by DIY Si]

Puk - 4/3/08 at 10:14 PM

If you do run the exhaust in the sill could you wrap it in kevlar fabric insulation? What about letting the pipe exit ahead of the rear arch - could look cool and would save a big loop over the suspension.

Slightly more radical how about having a silencer within the front wheel arch (where there is more space and could be more air flow) and then exiting the exhaust low and ahead of the door. If you did take the pipe through the sill the gases would (presumably) be cooler after they had expanded through the silencer.

DIY Si - 4/3/08 at 10:46 PM

The only problem with wrapping the whole exhaust is that it makes the gases stay really hot. Which then makes where ever the exit is a touch dangerous, especially if it's anywhere near the nice fibreglass shell, as the last thing I'd want is to set fire to bits of it. That's happened with my 7 and none of my exhaust is wrapped at all! The front silencer idea could have merit, but where would it fit? The car looks too waisted to have space for such a trick, although there is already a big vent in a handy location. I'm not sure there will be a solution until we can have a nose round a rolling chassis to see just how much space there is where.

907 - 4/3/08 at 11:01 PM

I did have a go at a manifold that would get down to the sill area.

I can't do much more till the chassis is built but I'm thinking long & thin up the sill.

Nothing cast in stone yet. Would need to do a test one.

Paul G

aka Dad Rescued attachment IMGP2215-s.jpg
Rescued attachment IMGP2215-s.jpg

DIY Si - 4/3/08 at 11:09 PM

Would that be for one exiting some where in front of the rear wheels? Now I've been thinking about that as an option, I'm in two minds as to whether rear exit or sill exit would look best. Sill exit allows me an easier rear diffuser/full under tray should I decide to fit one, rear exit doesn't mess with the lines from the side. Have you had a chance to think about where any silencers might go on the sill exit version you have in mind? Or would it/they be in the sill itself?
Sorry for all the awkward questions! I'm just hoping you can start to fill in the gaps in my head of what I'm planning/imagining.

PS, is that the engine and manifold that Aeon have to work around for the first chassis?

[Edited on 4/3/08 by DIY Si]

907 - 4/3/08 at 11:21 PM

Truth is, we haven't planed that far yet.

It could exit as a slash cut bend in front of the rear wheel....

Or maybe as a thinner, longer, oval under the sill. (squashed l/r bend)

Paul G

Didn't see your edit. Yes it is, but the manifold may change

[Edited on 4/3/08 by 907]

Schrodinger - 5/3/08 at 01:01 AM

One thing to consider, on the Stylus Owners club website all owners with side exit pipes have cooling holes or slots cut in the sills to aid cooling and none of them use exhaust wrap anywhere on the system for the reasons already suggested. I understand that at least one Fury has gone up in smoke where the exhaust was too close and too hot for the bodywork.

Delinquent - 5/3/08 at 10:20 AM

Surely if you are running them down the inside of the sill you'd just have an open bottom or ducted air down inside the sill?

DIY Si - 5/3/08 at 10:53 AM

That's part of the problem though, given that you have full doors, having an open bottom could be a bit fiddly and I'd not want to cut vents into the indent above the sills. Although it may be possible to draw air in from the engine bay, or have ducts from the outer grills under the nose to the sills/silencer. Also because I'm a bit awkward, I'd like a full length under tray.

Guinness - 5/3/08 at 11:28 AM

I think the McLaren Merc / Toniq R exhausts just behind the front wheels look brilliant.

Think of the savings in terms of weight / steel / cost of the exhaust system!


DIY Si - 5/3/08 at 03:21 PM

It could be worth a look, but where would the silencers go? Straight pipes might be a touch loud when they're that short! They'd only be a foot or two long at best!

Puk - 5/3/08 at 05:54 PM

How about a motorcycle silencer? They are pretty compact. A 1litre bike running at 12k RPM will be passing the same volume of gas as a 2 liter car motor at 6k. There must be more to it than that though - any one have a more informed view?

DIY Si - 5/3/08 at 07:04 PM

It might work for my plans, as I'm planning on a V6, so I could have one on each side, so each silencer would only have to deal with 1.5 litres at 6,500 rpm. Although as you say, it is a little more complicated than that. HHmmmm, I wonder what an Alfa V6 would sound like through two bike cans?

Puk - 5/3/08 at 08:49 PM

It'll sound brilliant - and you won't have to be worrying about the rest of the Alfa turning into tin work fodder

DIY Si - 5/3/08 at 10:54 PM

I don't have the Alfa yet. In fact I might never have a whole one! I just need the engine and gubbins to make it run, although I'm sorely tempted by TB's and megasquirt. I too think it'll sound lovely, but the plumbing could end up being a PITA.

Puk - 6/3/08 at 07:10 AM

I've had a couple - an old RWD GTV6 which got lighter as it aged - mainly because bits kept rusting away! And a modern FWD GTV6 - great engine and it didn't rust. But the handling was a bit ponderous - all that weight up the front I guess. The motors are beauties but thirsty and I'm not sure that a modern Ford V6 isn't actually a better option (if its not having to drag a Mondeo around with it).

DIY Si - 6/3/08 at 11:32 AM

Ah, but the Alfa sounds nicer! Although it is more expensive and probably a bit thirstier. Oh, and it looks nice and shiny!
Also, I think playing about with the engine is a bit easier, as it has sensible inlet ports, rather than the 12 that there are on the ford V6. And there are various upgrade paths, starting at the 2.5 12 valve and going up to the 3.2 24 valve or bigger should I wish.

[Edited on 6/3/08 by DIY Si]

Gaz 1977 - 8/3/08 at 05:05 PM

Hi chaps

Im looking forward to the alfa power Si, (it means i can copy what you do.)

I do think it would be easier to go the ford root. The last of the Scorpios had a rather tasty Cosworth tweeked V6 with 204 bhp as standard. You see a few on ebay quite cheap.

Anyway, here is a pic of the engine bay.

The chassis you can see is the standard locost and the engine is a Zetec.

It give you a good idea of the room available under there.

Gaz Rescued attachment a.jpg
Rescued attachment a.jpg

Gaz 1977 - 8/3/08 at 05:06 PM

some more pics of todays work Rescued attachment b.jpg
Rescued attachment b.jpg

Gaz 1977 - 8/3/08 at 05:07 PM

it is getting there Rescued attachment c.jpg
Rescued attachment c.jpg

Gaz 1977 - 8/3/08 at 05:09 PM

and finaly, worm eye view.

I am still thinking about the exhaust. Dont worry i am taking everything that you all suggest in.

Thanks guys, and I hope to see you at the Detling Show.

Gaz Rescued attachment d.jpg
Rescued attachment d.jpg

DIY Si - 8/3/08 at 05:18 PM

You don't want the old Essex V6, it weighs as much as a house since it's all iron! The Alfa is all ally and I prefer the sound! Although there is a bolt on gear box for the older ford V6's. There is one for the new ally Ford V6, but it comes from a Jaguar, so will be more than a few bob!
Gaz, the pic with the chassis showing, is that how it'll look, or will the chassis be +4 at the front end?

Oh, ps, very good job there gaz, looking very, very

Oh, are Aeon still unsure about the front light set up? When I spoke to someone there, don't know who, they said they were probably looking at changing them because of the crease across the lens? Would it be possible to use the S2 Elise light pod to keep the shape?

[Edited on 8/3/08 by DIY Si]

Gaz 1977 - 8/3/08 at 05:22 PM

Sorry, it will be a plus 4.

I havent modded the chassis model. It still gives a good idea

DIY Si - 8/3/08 at 05:24 PM

That's cool, means I have plenty of space for the wider 24v V6! Oh, see edits above, I have more questions!

Gaz 1977 - 8/3/08 at 05:32 PM

The crease will be blended out on the lights, wilst making the model the crease is nice to measure from.

I doubt that the elise lights will blend into the body.

I think it will work out cheaper to do it ourselves and it wont stand out as being a part from another car.


DIY Si - 8/3/08 at 05:34 PM

Oh, I quite like that bit. Does that mean the lights/outer cover will come from Aeon, or be a more common kit car type part?

Gaz 1977 - 8/3/08 at 05:39 PM

They will only blend out in the middle, in front of the light unit. It really wont effect the look at all. so dont worry.

You can always rive me a ring with any questions, i will u2u u with my number.


DIY Si - 8/3/08 at 05:46 PM

I'll give you a ring in a minute then, but be prepared for a chat, once started on a car related subject I often find it hard to stop!

Gaz 1977 - 8/3/08 at 07:10 PM

as requested, a black one

Gaz Rescued attachment revised side for sim s.jpg
Rescued attachment revised side for sim s.jpg

DIY Si - 8/3/08 at 07:16 PM

Oh, I do like that! Cheers for that, I now have a new picture to vie with the Aston race car pic for my desktop background. HHhmmmm, shiny!

Ferg - 21/3/08 at 07:17 PM

I spent an enjoyable time this (wet) afternoon distracting Gaz from important progress.
Love the new dimensions.
Love the styling tweeks.
Love free coffee.

Pics by Rosie

DIY Si - 21/3/08 at 08:14 PM

What?! You mean he's not finished it yet???
Any word from Aeon on the chassis front yet?

Gaz 1977 - 22/3/08 at 06:10 PM

Thanks for comming Ferg, Anytime. Rescued attachment a.jpg
Rescued attachment a.jpg

Gaz 1977 - 22/3/08 at 06:12 PM

I hope to spray the model on monday.

I know that Aeon have designed the chassis and start building in the next few days.


Gaz Rescued attachment b.jpg
Rescued attachment b.jpg

DIY Si - 22/3/08 at 06:26 PM

Awesome work as ever Gaz!

Gaz 1977 - 1/4/08 at 10:04 PM

Just a quick update
The model is nearly finished, with a little luck it will be sorted at the weekend..

I had a trip to Aeon today, to see how things are going,

The chassis is looking great, and will look spot on at the Detling show in a week or so.

I look forward to seeing you all there.


andyd - 3/4/08 at 02:11 PM

Were you allowed to snap any pics of the chassis?

Gaz 1977 - 3/4/08 at 09:22 PM

I didnt take any, The first time i see it finished will be at the show.

You will have to come and have a look


clairetoo - 5/4/08 at 06:09 PM

Wow.............that has to be one of the best looking cars I`ve seen in a long while !
Off to Detling for sure next weekend - I think I know what I want to build next......

Gaz 1977 - 6/4/08 at 05:40 PM

Thanks Clare,

See you at the show.

well another weekend of modelmaking is over.

I will put up loads of pics after the show, it seems a bit silly putting them up now when in a few days it will be totally finished.

I can't wait to see the rolling chassis.

Ferg - 13/4/08 at 01:31 PM

Tralfaz - 13/4/08 at 03:42 PM


dzine - 13/4/08 at 05:28 PM

Looks amazing!

Out of interest, what's the intended wheelbase, width, length etc? Same as a 'book' Locost?

907 - 13/4/08 at 07:08 PM

Hi All

I had a nice day at the show, It was nice to chat to all of you and to meet the Aeon chaps. Here are a couple of pics.


Paul G Rescued attachment IMGP2309-s.jpg
Rescued attachment IMGP2309-s.jpg

907 - 13/4/08 at 07:09 PM

and one of the Epona Chassis.

Paul G Rescued attachment IMGP2306-s.jpg
Rescued attachment IMGP2306-s.jpg

DIY Si - 13/4/08 at 09:54 PM

Brilliant work on the model, as ever, Gaz!!

Schrodinger - 13/4/08 at 09:57 PM

All looking very sweet!

Any idea of the price for the chassis yet?

chrisg - 13/4/08 at 10:05 PM

I meant to congratulate you before Gaz, are you going to Stoneleigh?

I'll have the beer ready!



stevebubs - 13/4/08 at 11:50 PM

Originally posted by 907
and one of the Epona Chassis.

Paul G

All looks really good, folks - pity I missed it.

1 observation, though - the chassis rails either side of the engine may limit the choice of engine somewhat - i.e. BEC / V6/V8 power may require the rails to be relocated...

907 - 14/4/08 at 07:58 AM

Originally posted by stevebubs
Originally posted by 907
and one of the Epona Chassis.

Paul G

All looks really good, folks - pity I missed it.

1 observation, though - the chassis rails either side of the engine may limit the choice of engine somewhat - i.e. BEC / V6/V8 power may require the rails to be relocated...

Hi All.

Gaz is back at work today, so as I'm off work with my dicky hand I'll try to answer a couple of points on his behalf.

The Ford Duratec V6 fits with no mods to the chassis.

A chap who was very interested in Epona as a track day car was talking to Keith from Aeon about buying it fitted with an Alfa V6.
Keith didn't see this as a problem, quite the reverse in fact.

as far as i know Aeon could supply the chassis modified to fit other power plants.

Again,as far as i know, the price for a chassis and body will be £4750 +vat but I would phone Aeon
and speak to them about it as matters such as these are nothing to do with me.

Many thanks

Paul G

[Edited on 14/4/08 by 907]

Gaz 1977 - 15/4/08 at 07:42 PM

chris, im not sure if we will be taking the car to stonely, but i will probley go for a look around.

Juat had a look at the pics i took at Detling of the stand, and none came out

if anyone has any could they post them on here,



[Edited on 15/4/08 by Gaz 1977]

AndyTTC - 16/4/08 at 10:17 PM

Hey Gaz, we met and spoke for a while at Detling...once again, nice job! It's a "ridiculously gorgeous" car!

I am seriously considering the Alfa V6 from reading just about all the posts I can find on the Epona. A question came to mind about the exhaust position - do you reckon I can have two pipes out of each side, just behind the front wheel arch, like on the McMerc SLR?

Gaz 1977 - 17/4/08 at 06:27 AM

It would be a comlicated system. The Tonic r has a similar setup (but only on one side) So i dont see why not.


AndyTTC - 19/4/08 at 05:27 PM

I spoke to Keith and I think I'm pretty much sold on the same supercharged Zetec you've got in Car Number 1...for the obvious advantages of weight, flexibility for upgrades and of course cost!

Have you decided on how to stick the pipes out the back?

Also, when you have a minute, can you mock up a dark pearl orange Epona? I've always wanted to get an orange car but never had the balls to order one!

[Edited on 19/4/08 by AndyTTC]

Gaz 1977 - 20/4/08 at 08:38 AM

i do like the idea of the supercharger, it does have alot of advantages (weight cost etc) most of all their cool.

I am do ing some renderings of the car at the moment so i will incorperate the pipes in those.

orange pic on its way.


Gaz 1977 - 20/4/08 at 09:11 AM

i hope this will do Rescued attachment andy c orange.jpg
Rescued attachment andy c orange.jpg

Puk - 20/4/08 at 09:13 AM

Brum brum

AndyTTC - 20/4/08 at 10:24 AM

Originally posted by Gaz 1977
i hope this will do

It does look quite good! As a designer, would that colour suit the Epona? Or, put it another way, would you allow your design to wear that colour?

I know nothing about car if you think it doesn't work, I'll put the idea to bed!

Gaz 1977 - 20/4/08 at 10:31 AM

I think it would look great in orange, but bare in mind the seat colours that are available.

They tend to be reds or blues.

Have a good look at seats if you find any nice ones post a pic on here, (I'm looking my self at the moment and its good to have a second opinion.)

AndyTTC - 20/4/08 at 10:35 AM

Originally posted by Gaz 1977
I think it would look great in orange, but bare in mind the seat colours that are available.

They tend to be reds or blues.

Have a good look at seats if you find any nice ones post a pic on here, (I'm looking my self at the moment and its good to have a second opinion.)

Would it be cheating to stick a pair of Recaro Pole Position sports seats in? Link here:

They're wide enough to accomodate a fatter version of me and from what I remember, they're really comfy! Comes in various shades of leather too...I'm inclinded to go for an all-black interior with carbon fibre dash and Alcantara head-lining and door cards...what do you think?

[Edited on 20/4/08 by AndyTTC]

Puk - 20/4/08 at 12:55 PM

Blimey - the black leather ones cost three Rons.

AndyTTC - 20/4/08 at 01:00 PM

I'd probably get a couple of the "Ambla-Leather Black / Dinamica Black" ones...not a great fan of full leather tend to just slide around and get your arse burnt in the summer!

The "Dinamica" finish is apparently similar to Alcantara - it's a nice and grippy suede-like synthetic material.

Puk - 20/4/08 at 01:03 PM

velcro pants?

AndyTTC - 20/4/08 at 01:35 PM

Originally posted by Puk
velcro pants?

That'd work too! Also, I somehow doubt I'll be forking out for heated seats (not that you can heat Recaro sports/race seats anyway IIRC) leather's gonna be freezing cold in the winter.

Dangle_kt - 20/4/08 at 03:32 PM

Originally posted by Gaz 1977
i hope this will do


Any ideas on launch date?

Gaz 1977 - 20/4/08 at 05:21 PM

Nice seats Andy, What about these. £350 per pair, FIA approved.

the car should be ready by the end of the summer, ready for thouse long winter nights of building. Rescued attachment Sprint colors.jpg
Rescued attachment Sprint colors.jpg

AndyTTC - 20/4/08 at 07:09 PM

Nice find! The price is quite reasonable too...I have no real knowledge of what seats are good/safe, so will have to either do a lot of research, or buy into a premium brand like Recaro!

AndyTTC - 21/4/08 at 08:57 PM

What about these Sparco entry-level ones? FIA-approved too!

iank - 21/4/08 at 09:06 PM

Other options, I'm sure Triton once said he could make his GRP seats in any colour you wanted if you paid for the gel-coat.
A decent trimmer could cover a car seat in any colour provided you/they could source the fabric.

stevebubs - 21/4/08 at 09:06 PM

Why not find decent seats out of a production car?

e.g. Elise, MX5, S2000, MG....

AndyTTC - 21/4/08 at 09:12 PM

Originally posted by stevebubs
Why not find decent seats out of a production car?

e.g. Elise, MX5, S2000, MG....

Audi RS4 - by far the best seats I've sat in to date...the ones in my Mk2 TT also work, if only the seat base doesn't go all saggy after 6 months!

DarrenW - 21/4/08 at 09:52 PM

This car is just getting more and more gorgeous all the time.

Are there any plans to show it at some northern meets this year?

Gaz 1977 - 22/4/08 at 06:20 PM

Thanks for the seat info chaps. I need to make my mind up very soon.

I would like to see them in the flesh before i buy, so the question is..... Does anyone know where i could get a look at a good range in the south east?

I am not sure what shows the Epona will be at this year, that is really up to Aeon. I will let you know as soon as i know..

Thanks again.


ettore bugatti - 23/4/08 at 07:31 PM

Daihatsu Copen seats (are from recaro)

Gaz 1977 - 4/5/08 at 01:28 PM

Thanks for the help chaps,

I have ordered the Corbeau sprint seats fron Pheonix autosport, only problem is the month wait for them to be built.

£350 the pair


Gaz 1977 - 11/5/08 at 08:47 AM

I went down to Aeon yesterday to have a chat with the boys. We have decided to build a third model of the Epona, this time as a open top car with a removable hard top. It is alot more work, but it could make for a more useable final car.

Tell me what you think Rescued attachment side open top jpeg s.jpg
Rescued attachment side open top jpeg s.jpg

Gaz 1977 - 11/5/08 at 08:51 AM

I have ordered the seats, have to wait a month for the things to be made so i cant fit them yet.

I got some willwood breaks for the front and i will post some pics of the set up once fitted.

Chassis pic Rescued attachment 10TH 2 S.jpg
Rescued attachment 10TH 2 S.jpg

Gaz 1977 - 11/5/08 at 08:55 AM

and a pic of the current model, looking a bit dusty and sad for its self.

Oh and one more thing, I dont know much about this but something called a supercharger arrived at Aeon a couplr of days ago...........

Thanks for the continued help

Gaz Rescued attachment 10TH 1 S.jpg
Rescued attachment 10TH 1 S.jpg

AndyTTC - 11/5/08 at 09:34 AM

As I expected, the open top is an awesome design! The side profile reminds me a bit of the Elise...not sure if that's just me needing to clean my glasses!

It'd be great if Aeon can offer both the coupe and the open top - that'll cater for a much wider range of builders!

I am still going with the coupe though - I am one of those weird people who can't stand wind noise!

David Jenkins - 11/5/08 at 09:48 AM

I really like the open top - the style looks well-balanced and neat. Personally, I prefer it to the hard-top!

Would you see there being a soft roof, or a removable panel, or permanently open-top?

Fred W B - 11/5/08 at 09:53 AM


Has work started on the coupe full size body pattern yet?


Fred W B

Gaz 1977 - 11/5/08 at 10:16 AM

I think the removable top could work really well, it should give you the best of both.

We a going to start the full size very soon, but its alot easier to try different ideas at quarter scale, and i want to get the thing spot on.

I have done too much work on the project to mess it up at the last minute.


DIY Si - 11/5/08 at 10:26 AM

OOh, I like that I do. It's a good way of getting around the fixed roof coupe thing, which for me, is a good thing, as I'd want to take the roof when it's nice and sunny. Anyone else think it looks a little bit of a cross of these:

Alfa 8C
Alfa 8C

[Edited on 11/5/08 by DIY Si]

rusty nuts - 11/5/08 at 10:42 AM

Liked the coupe loads. Love the open car. Is there room to store the top in the car?

DIY Si - 11/5/08 at 11:12 AM

Oh, if that's the third model, what are the first two? I though the current model was number 1?

Gaz 1977 - 11/5/08 at 07:30 PM

I dont think there would be space for the roof in the car, but we shall see.

Si, there was the blue model, the red one and the new one will be the third. there are pics of all the development on the site somewhere.

Thanks chaps


DIY Si - 12/5/08 at 03:03 PM

Ah I see. I've not seen pics of the red and the blue side by side, so I thought you'd just sprayed the blue one red!

garyo - 14/5/08 at 09:33 PM

A no-roof option makes the car much more attractive as a proposition to me. It becomes a modernised (wider/longer at least!) Caterham 21 / Fury.

I like it!


Gaz 1977 - 15/5/08 at 06:27 AM

Thanks, the mods to the model should not take too long, the problem is i can only work on it in the evenings and at weekends but we will be making the buck as soon as it done, In the meantime the boys at aeon will be working on the chassis.

Si, the blue one became the red one with the cunning use of a bandsaw and two large tins of upol filler.


DIY Si - 15/5/08 at 01:45 PM

I remember now! I'd completely forgotten you'd widen it. Any idea how progress is going with the model at Aeon?

jabbahutt - 16/5/08 at 07:25 AM

how have I missed this thread for so long!!! oh it's because i spend all my time trying to find answers to questions regarding my current build.

The open top looks stunning and the option of a removeable roof only adds to the appeal.

Truly a work of art and at the prices being mentioned I'd be queueing up to get a kit.

Keep up the good work and the progress posts


DIY Si - 18/5/08 at 06:44 PM

Gazz, you know you did that photoshop in black for me? Any chance you'd be able to do me another one but in white? And, if it's not too much bother, black wheels? Thank you!!

Gaz 1977 - 27/5/08 at 08:38 PM

I know its not what you wanted Si, But ive been busy.

Here's a sketch of the possible rear open top.

Gaz Rescued attachment rear rendering epona s.jpg
Rescued attachment rear rendering epona s.jpg

AndyTTC - 27/5/08 at 09:56 PM

Yummy! I'm just trying to think how practical (or otherwise) the hard-top would be...I've always never really liked open-top cars, but I'm trying to talk myself into wanting this over the coupe!

Have you done any sketches of how the hard-top would fit/look on the car?

Gaz 1977 - 3/6/08 at 07:13 AM

The hard top will look much the same as before, apart from a seem line where it joins the body, the car will still have a boot .

There a details to work out in the next model, but i cant see any problems. I am a lot better at working in 3d then on paper.

I should have a couple of 1/4 scale bodies to play with very soon, so it wont be too long before the are pics on here of the FINAL FINAL design....

I am sorry About the apparent lack of progress but we are all working on it as best we can. I want to make sure the design is as good as i can make it, before we go full size. It wont be long....



DIY Si - 3/6/08 at 03:38 PM

Don't worry GAZ, the longer you take, the more likely I am to have got the money to pay for one!
Oh, got my donor car now too! Looks like I'll be having the Alfa lump after all.

clairetoo - 3/6/08 at 08:52 PM

I`m getting a bit confused........I`ve fallen in love with a 2 door coupe , drop dead gorgeous and useable in all weathers - will it be available as that ? I`m not interested in a soft-top or removable hard top...........please tell me I`ll be able to buy the one I want ?

DIY Si - 4/6/08 at 02:50 PM

From what I can gather, there will be two versions of the Epona, one being the full coupe, which I want, and an open top version with a removable hard top.
Best bet is probably to ring Aeon.

Gaz 1977 - 4/6/08 at 10:16 PM

This is the plan.

The Epona will be available as an open top with a boot

the boot pannel can be removed and replaced with the hard top. still retaining the boot.

The removable hard top will look the same as the original design (red model) apart from a shut line

If anyone wants a epona with a fixed roof the separate parts can be fibreglassed as one piece. The shut line can be removed.

So in essence, you can have what you want.

I hope this clears things up.



DIY Si - 5/6/08 at 07:07 AM

Ah, I didn't realise the plans had changed that much! Looks like I need to ring Aeon and have a chat about things.

clairetoo - 5/6/08 at 03:26 PM

That looks like a no for me , then If I wanted a leaky open car - I`d stick with the fury.............

AndyTTC - 5/6/08 at 03:47 PM

Well, if at order time we can specify the coupe - i.e. the hard top permanently attached to the body with no shut lines - then it's a definite nod from me!

As good as the convertible looks in Gaz's sketches, I'm still not convinced about the whole open top thing - it's just not for me!

DIY Si - 5/6/08 at 07:36 PM

That's what I'm hoping Aeon will do, let us order it with a fully attached roof. I'll give them a ring tomorrow and see what they say about it, because I'm with Claire on that bit. A large part of the appeal is not getting rained on for once!

clairetoo - 5/6/08 at 07:44 PM

Originally posted by DIY Si
That's what I'm hoping Aeon will do, let us order it with a fully attached roof. I'll give them a ring tomorrow and see what they say about it, because I'm with Claire on that bit. A large part of the appeal is not getting rained on for once!

Yep - if its not a fixed roof , with no `join lines` , it looks like I will just stick with my Fury .
After all - how many open topped cars do we need ? The way this thread has been going , the majority opinion seemed to be leave the roof on , for that very reason............

DIY Si - 5/6/08 at 08:25 PM

In all fairness though, I'd imagine the final decision is down to Aeon, and they need to try and get the most variants out of 1 shell as I'd guess it to be the most expensive part of the project. Hence the compromise of a shut line on the hard top, but the ability to have a soft top to. If, as Gaz suggested, they're able to offer it 'glassed on, then everyone's a winner.

clairetoo - 5/6/08 at 08:29 PM

But I`ll bet an open car with the hard top `glassed on` will be more expensive to buy , and the join line will rule out running it as a gell-coat finish .
Plus I guess there will be a flange on the inside at the join eating into luggage space

AndyTTC - 5/6/08 at 08:50 PM

A little heads up Si and Claire - when I spoke to Keith last Saturday, he mentioned that he's going to be very tied up this week, so you might not get hold of him.

Also, from what I gathered in our conversation, both the coupe and the convertible will be made available. We didn't discuss how the coupe is going to be done, so I have no more information about the fibreglassed shut-lines.

I am personally hoping to get a one-piece body with the coupe attached by design rather than stuck on almost like an after-thought, and I'll be talking to Keith about that.

DIY Si - 6/6/08 at 12:19 PM

That sounds ok then. I didn't know we had a bat phone into Aeon either! Looks like I'm going to end up being quite awkward as far as Aeon are concerned, as I still want a full cage too!
Claire, when I last spoke to Keith, he said they may not even be gel coating the shell, just leaving it bare. That idea may have changed since though as it was about 3 weeks ago.

AndyTTC - 6/6/08 at 12:33 PM

Note quite a bat phone Si, just a very interested (prospective) customer!

I am after a full cage too, as I'm hoping to use the Epona coupe as more than just a nice track day car!

My understanding is that the preferred route (for Aeon) is to have the car painted rather than gel-coated, as the finish is much better.

If you check out the GT2/3s out there, I think they're all painted.

[Edited on 6/6/08 by AndyTTC]

clairetoo - 6/6/08 at 03:08 PM

Originally posted by AndyTTC
My understanding is that the preferred route (for Aeon) is to have the car painted rather than gel-coated, as the finish is much better.

[Edited on 6/6/08 by AndyTTC]

I find that a little worrying as even I can get an acceptable gel coat finish working in my shed....and the gel-coat finish on my fury has stood up quite well for a 9 year old car (any scratches can be just polished out)

This is not sounding too good - since I will be on a tight budget , thousand pound paint jobs arent in my budget

DIY Si - 6/6/08 at 06:10 PM

Originally posted by AndyTTC
Note quite a bat phone Si, just a very interested (prospective) customer!

I am after a full cage too, as I'm hoping to use the Epona coupe as more than just a nice track day car!

My understanding is that the preferred route (for Aeon) is to have the car painted rather than gel-coated, as the finish is much better.

If you check out the GT2/3s out there, I think they're all painted.

[Edited on 6/6/08 by AndyTTC]

OOhhh, do tell! I'm hoping to use mine as a fairly brisk track toy, but it's primary use will be as a road car, potentially even my every day car should I require one! Are you the other customer interested in the Alfa V6 then?

RazMan - 6/6/08 at 07:46 PM

Originally posted by AndyTTC

My understanding is that the preferred route (for Aeon) is to have the car painted rather than gel-coated, as the finish is much better.

If you check out the GT2/3s out there, I think they're all painted.

I can confirm that all of the GTs made to date have been painted, partly due to the fact that the gel coat was not really up to scratch and items like rear lights had to be inserted by the builder, therefore cutting into the bodywork was necessary. However, as the Epona is a new venture I am sure Aeon will use the experience gained in the manufacture of the GT to good effect and you might be pleasantly suprised. However if the 'mix & match' approach is used, any joins will have to be blended in so painting will be essential.

AndyTTC - 6/6/08 at 09:41 PM

If I'm honest I'd prefer to have the Epona painted regardless. As Gaz and Keith said, and I tend to agree, gelcoated cars will always end up looking like obvious kit cars!

I'm after a deep, pearl-effect paint, colour to be decided (most probably a deep, rich orange shade) - gelcoat would never achieve that!

DIY Si - 6/6/08 at 10:42 PM

Same thing as I'm after then! Except mine will be a nice pearl white if all goes to plan.

AndyTTC - 7/6/08 at 08:44 PM

Si - I *was* interested in putting an Alfa V6 in there, but right now I'm more inclined to use a Zetec 2.0 with forced induction (turbo/supercharger decision for a later date/thread). Or possibly a Duratec V6 (paving way for twin-turbos like the Nobles).

That decision is still miles off yet...

DIY Si - 8/6/08 at 10:23 AM

I'm already most of the way through planning my drive train already! I've got a donor car for the V6, and I'm looking at the S2000 gearbox linked to a 3.62 diff. Should see me geared for 152 flat out, so I can cruise at sensible revs, rather than the current Indy, where 70 is about 6,500 rpm.

So come on then, what're you planning on using yours for then?

[Edited on 8/6/08 by DIY Si]

Gaz 1977 - 8/6/08 at 02:31 PM

Hi chaps,

Just a few pics of the latest revisions

open top

hard top on


I'm still not sure what one i want. We are trying to appeal to everyone.

I have only owned one car will a removable hard top and i can honestly say i have never had a leek in bad weather or when using the pressure washer to clean the thing. I cant see the hard top effecting the boot space, i will make sure that it doesn't.


Gaz Rescued attachment coupe open hard s.jpg
Rescued attachment coupe open hard s.jpg

DIY Si - 8/6/08 at 04:54 PM

GAZ, this may just be me being a plonker, but I can't see any difference between the coupe and the hard top on pic? Or is that the point?

escort_innit - 10/6/08 at 12:17 PM

Originally posted by DIY Si
GAZ, this may just be me being a plonker, but I can't see any difference between the coupe and the hard top on pic? Or is that the point?

I would say that that is the point, apart from there will be a shut line which will blend in to the shape of the body.

Gaz 1977 - 24/6/08 at 07:20 AM

Hi chaps,

I dont know why the shut lines dont show on the pic, I can only think that it was when i changed the dpi before i put them on here.

the final version of the model is comming on well, and i am working on some dash designs.

pics soon.


Dangle_kt - 3/7/08 at 07:44 PM

any updates on final spec?

Gaz 1977 - 4/7/08 at 08:24 AM

what do you want to know?

DIY Si - 4/7/08 at 03:48 PM

Any idea on a release date or start date for production at all? Or any pics of the soft top model, assuming you're making one that is!

clairetoo - 4/7/08 at 04:05 PM

Some idea of price would be good since its now gone from a single body molding to a body , hardtop , `boot cover` and a hood........which I suspect will push it way beyond my budget.....

JamJah - 6/7/08 at 01:17 AM

As some of you know, I have given my two penny worth in since the initial questions.
I am very interested in the project still, but would want the original idea... one piece full coupe shell.
Any news on a full cage? I am thinking its the better way to go as it looks like lateral twist and side impact protection could be problems.
Back to the exhaust why can't it exit out of the scallop behind the front wheel arch? Thinking of letting a couple be built, then putting my order in.

Thinking out loud, would access to the boot be best from the front?

Still very much like it, but I do think the coupe is sounding more feasible from a numbers point of view judging from the feedback.

clairetoo - 6/7/08 at 11:19 AM

Originally posted by JamJah

Still very much like it, but I do think the coupe is sounding more feasible from a numbers point of view judging from the feedback.

Agreed - thats what caught my eye in the first place , and just what I want to build .

AndyTTC - 7/7/08 at 10:59 AM

I do not speak for Aeon in any official capacity, but no final decision has been made on how the Epona will be offered as a finished product!

I have been in fairly constant contact with Keith at Aeon, and I am very impressed by what I've heard so far. I have been clear that it's the coupe that I'd like to build, and no doubt that's been taken on board. I can say this much though - Keith, Gaz and everyone at Aeon are trying to make the car as good and affordable for us as possible!

IMO this is one of the most groundbreaking new kit cars to hit the market in years, and it's worth taking time to make sure it lives up to expectations in all areas.

Cafe Racer - 7/7/08 at 05:54 PM


I've just joined up to say WOW!

I was toying with the idea of a mid-engined VAG 1.8T something or other, it seems a better idea with all these FWD Transverse engine around. The Aeon GT3 was fitting the bill.

BUT, the Epona is georgous...

Not sure if I'd want a Coupe or softtop, so a removeable hardtop is the best of both worlds.

907 - 7/7/08 at 10:59 PM

I tend to think that a hard top is the perfect all weather car.

Paul G Rescued attachment IMGP2288-s.jpg
Rescued attachment IMGP2288-s.jpg

Gaz 1977 - 8/7/08 at 08:45 AM

Thanks Chaps,

Welcome to the site Cafe

I seem to have opened a can of worms by suggesting we will offer different body options. I'm just trying to come up with something that will keep everyone happy.

Personally I fancy the coupe, but i can see that there will be people who will want an open car.

There is not a major difference in cost between a one piece shell or one done in several parts, so don't worry about that. There are no plans at the moment for a soft top, but that dont stop any of you building one, i would love to see one.

I want to get thing looking as good as i possibly can and this takes a little time. I don't work full time for aeon, and i have to do the day job to pay the bills. The quarter scale has cost me over £2000 to get it this far, i'm gonna make sure it is right.

As far as final spec and timescales are concerned it is probably a good idea to follow Andy's lead ring Keith at Aeon. I cant speak for Aeon as i only designed the body.

I can assure you all we are working hard on the project. I want to see it finished as much as the rest of you, coz the first one is mine ....

Thanks for the continued interest.


[Edited on 8/7/08 by Gaz 1977]

[Edited on 8/7/08 by Gaz 1977]

Gaz 1977 - 8/7/08 at 09:04 AM

I cant seem to put a pic on a edited post.

The seats have finally turned up, they are down in kent at the moment, so should be it the chassis soon.

Gaz Rescued attachment IMGP2308 s.jpg
Rescued attachment IMGP2308 s.jpg

Dangle_kt - 8/7/08 at 04:28 PM

I am reading with baited breath!

Although my car still isn't finished I have a hankering for a Fury - this however seems to beat it hands down in the looks department.

I look forward to reading more, especially a review!

DIY Si - 8/7/08 at 09:59 PM

Same here. Can't wait to see one in the flesh. Especially since I'm having to sell two of my toy cars, and having to break the other to afford one!

Gaz 1977 - 9/7/08 at 07:44 AM

I cant wait either, I'm sure it will be in the mags, when the time comes, It's been in complete kit car 4 or 5 times already.

I'm looking forwards to seeing it with the seats in and the first track day around Brands. I might have to take the Mazda around first to get the hang of it, as it survived the winter (see the photo, Thanks dad) Rescued attachment IMGP2310 s.jpg
Rescued attachment IMGP2310 s.jpg

Gaz 1977 - 9/7/08 at 07:53 AM

I am really looking forward to working on the next model of the epona, I'm making a new chassis model and this one should be all singing and dancing with opening doors removable roof etc. It will be going back to the blue colour, I'm not to sure about the red.

I found a new pic of the chassis Rescued attachment IMGP2306-s.jpg
Rescued attachment IMGP2306-s.jpg

Cafe Racer - 9/7/08 at 10:44 AM

Thanks for the welcome.

I've been right back to the early threads and read through the whole thing - fantastic journey. One thing that's impressed me has been the underlying feeling from your posts that this WILL happen.

As a family, we've had a few kit cars (Dad had two, my first car was a Triumph Spartan and I built a Westfield with my Brother) but we all got a bit bored with the whole kit thing, basically because of the number of sevens and cobras or thirties styled stuff.

I've always fancied the idea of an up to date kit, and one that doesn't look like the front end of one car and the back end of a shed as someone else put it on one of your other threads.

I fell in love with the Imola at Newark one year, but that never materialised (I don't think) and gave up after that.

I feel a mid-life crisis coming on...

I think I'll be giving Aeon a ring every now and then just to express an interest.

DIY Si - 9/7/08 at 03:20 PM

So the first track outing is Brands then? Is there a target date in mind?

Gaz 1977 - 9/7/08 at 05:15 PM

i have to get the seats in first.

DIY Si - 9/7/08 at 05:25 PM

Does that mean there's a full size shell knocking about then? Pics please if so!!!!

Gaz 1977 - 9/7/08 at 05:36 PM

not yet but getting close, i have a few things to work out in the model first.


DIY Si - 9/7/08 at 05:50 PM

I thought it had gone off for scanning already?

Gaz 1977 - 10/7/08 at 08:17 AM

No i had a change of plan, Just want to get it spot on beforehand. Its alot quicker to change things at quarter scale then full size.

Cafe Racer - 10/7/08 at 10:39 AM

I spoke to Keith (Aeon) earlier, he's certainly very passionate about this project. He's certainly very keen for the constructive critism to continue, but urges us to keep to constructive critism.

The first off/prototype chassis is fabbed (I guess that's what's in the picture on the previous page), but not finished. Sounds like they'll waiting for the buck to finalise the door structure/side impact.

He mentioned more than once that they hope to see a full side body around Christmas time.

DIY Si - 21/7/08 at 09:57 PM

Any updates at all Gaz? How's the final version of the model coming along?

SnapperJJ - 2/8/08 at 02:24 AM

I have been viewing the Aeon Epona project with great interest and think it is looking great. I am a great fan of coupes and like the car as it is, because it has great shape, a full soft top would trash the lines. But you might want to have a targa removable roof pannal to to please the open top boys.

But to be honest there is a lot of open top cars out there in the market place. But next to no coupes. I have had caterhams, an Elise S2 and a S2 Exige... I liked the Exige best.

But to be honest I have been search for about three years for a long cockpit Ginetta G4 coupe by Dare, but nothing had turned up in a decent condition.

But on the Coupe front, there is nothing about in all honesty.

Think of some of the great coupes that there has been; Triumph GT6. MGB GT, Ginetta G4, Opel GT, Maxda almost brought out a true MX5 coupe but then they changed the shape and ditched it because it would have had to shorter life span with the series 3 shape about to hit the market.

The only real coupes there are is the BMW Z4 Coupe and the Hynundi

I think that a good Frod 2lt 200bhp zetec or a 230bhp duratec with a good gearbox and adjustable suspensions with Ap brakes would make this a cracking car - Raceline performance engines are very helpful and might assist in the development if they thought that there was a long term interest for them.

To make the car great for touring it would be good to have the rear window as a boot opening (Like on the TVR T350s) It was always a hell of strugle trying to force the luggage into the Exiges tiny opening of a boot access.

What ever you do don't make the mistake Caterham did with the Caterham 21 by not having side window that don't go down. This was there greatest downfall to the Elise. People never took the car seriously.

The only other thing that you have to remember with Coupes is that the roof holds in the heat when touring in the summer months in Europe. A targa pannel might help with this, but when I have been touring in the Exige the Aircon was a big must. It would have been unbearable in the south of France in 36-40 degres.

When do you think that the car will go into production? What spec's are you planing? What sort of price would you estimate for a brand new built car?

Gaz 1977 - 2/8/08 at 09:45 AM

Hi and welcome to the site.

I am currently working on the final model to iron out a few aspects that I'm not too keen on. Its coming on well. i will post pics once it is done.

We have made sure that the boot is big enough for a set of golf clubs, (the rear glass opens) I want the car to be usable and practical so weekends away are no problem.

The side windows will be electric taken from the smart roadster.

The first chassis (mine) is very much a development tool so there will be tweaks to it.

I am building mine on a budget so please don't take the following spec as being fixed in any way. We know we can fit a variety of motors in the car.

1.8 zetec running 2lt cams, bogg bro manifold to zx9r carbs (possibly supercharged and fuel injected in the future)

recon xr4i close ratio box

LSD from xr 4x4.

I am hoping for about 150ish BHP from the Carbs and 200+ with the supercharger.

The car should weigh about 700kg in a fairly racey spec.

it is difficult to give a price for a finished car as it depends so much on spec. The best thing to do is ring Aeon and speak to Keith.

AR-CoolC - 4/8/08 at 08:54 AM


The side windows will be electric taken from the smart roadster.

Great idea, but one thing to bear in mind with the Smart Roadster (and all Smarts for that matter) is that the glass fixings for the glass on that mech are on the outside, as the outer door skin is removed to replace the glass on them. If you want the fixings to be on the inside then look at the Mk3 Golf mechanisms.

[Edited on 4/8/08 by AR-CoolC]

Gaz 1977 - 10/8/08 at 06:22 AM

thanks for that info,

i only intend to use the glass part, I imagine the mech its self will be the one from the Gt3 and i don't know where it originally comes from.



RazMan - 10/8/08 at 08:06 AM

Originally posted by Gaz 1977
i only intend to use the glass part, I imagine the mech its self will be the one from the Gt3 and i don't know where it originally comes from.

Mk5 Escort iirc

Hellfire - 21/8/08 at 08:59 PM

As a first posting on this thread - al lI can say is:

Good luck with it - it certainly looks the part - more power to your otherwise sore elbow.


DIY Si - 17/9/08 at 07:47 PM

Any updates at all Gaz? Or have you been busying working now you've graduated?

Gaz 1977 - 17/9/08 at 08:13 PM

Its looking good, getting there,

Its been a bit manic recently.

I am starting a modelmaking company,

moving house,

building workshop

picking up a new car tomorrow

and working on the final epona design. (no big changes, just fine tuning)

In a couple of weeks there will be images of the revised design.

Thanks for the continued interest.


DIY Si - 17/9/08 at 10:13 PM

Bloody hell, you're a busy man! Fair enough in that case. I'm sure we'd all rather see you take your time and get everything set up and fully sorted than rush things and not get it quite 100%. Oh, good luck with the new company too.

Dangle_kt - 11/10/08 at 10:41 PM

can't have this drifting off the longest running box on the front page.

I actually got all excited the other day reading about the raw falcrum, then I looked a bit closer an realised its not the same design at all!


Any news?

Gaz 1977 - 16/10/08 at 05:48 PM

very soon.

JamJah - 16/10/08 at 06:18 PM

Ohh.... tension.
Cue "increasing heartbeat sound effects"!
Seriously, i can't wait but the timing could have been better I imagine...

Gaz 1977 - 19/10/08 at 07:20 PM

There will be a lot on here soon.

I have been doing a bit of machining.

the quarter scale one and the real thing Rescued attachment wheel model.jpg
Rescued attachment wheel model.jpg

Gaz 1977 - 19/10/08 at 07:35 PM

cant get the pics to work Rescued attachment comp.jpg
Rescued attachment comp.jpg

Gaz 1977 - 19/10/08 at 07:36 PM

and the model Rescued attachment comp mod.jpg
Rescued attachment comp mod.jpg

Schrodinger - 20/10/08 at 11:24 AM

They look like the TSW Big Deeps that I had on my Tiger

DIY Si - 20/10/08 at 05:02 PM

Oh, you tease! Is the new, presumably nearly finished model, wearing the removable hard top? Or is there a removable hard top one, and one without?

was8v - 30/10/08 at 10:50 AM

Bump! Another one here eagerly awaiting information on the Epona!

jabbahutt - 30/10/08 at 03:55 PM

Quick question why is there no mention of this car on the Aeon website? Considering the interst it's generating I thought they'd be some mention of it.

907 - 30/10/08 at 05:31 PM

Hi All

Gaz has his hands full at the moment, but progress is being made.

Moving house, setting up his new workshop, and starting his new business, all at the same time.

I am one proud dad.

Last nights job was lifting 320kgs of mill up onto it's stand.
The ropes creaked, the building creaked, and my back creaked. We got there though.

I'm sure like me you wish him all the best in his new venture.

I've seen the new model and very nice it looks too.
I'm sure when it gets a coat of paint he'll post a pic.

Paul G

John Bonnett - 30/10/08 at 06:27 PM

Paul, yes of course I wish Gaz very well. Already in his short life he has achieved what most ordinary people can only dream about. His academic success and his design is absolutely stunning from all angles, no mean achievement. No dad could not be proud of a son like Gaz.

My best wishes also to him in his new venture. These are difficult times but it has never been easy to start a new business and he will be glad of all the help he can get from his family, backs permitting!!

The one thing I learned from running my own business and I'll pass this on is to get the invoices out on completion of the order and chase payment without mercy as soon as it is due. Better still, cash up front via pro-forma invoice if you are not confident of their credit worthiness.

A business that has a good cash-flow will survive where others fail.

Best wishes to all


Gaz 1977 - 1/11/08 at 10:49 PM

Thanks chaps for the kind comments,

It is true, i am busy at the moment but the Epona is moving on.

the model of the new chassis is fitted to the modded body now, the next plan is to design the fuel tank, I will start on the dash design next week.

I want to get the final model in grey primer before taking any pics.

there will be plenty on the aeon website once the design is finalised. we just want to get it right. There is a page on the Epona in the 'complete kit car year book' with prices etc.

I promise it is coming.


Gaz 1977 - 15/11/08 at 12:15 PM

Just to prove that i have been busy Rescued attachment 1.jpg
Rescued attachment 1.jpg

Gaz 1977 - 15/11/08 at 12:16 PM

revised rear Rescued attachment 2.jpg
Rescued attachment 2.jpg

Gaz 1977 - 15/11/08 at 12:17 PM

next week i will get the hardtop fitted Rescued attachment 3.jpg
Rescued attachment 3.jpg

Gaz 1977 - 15/11/08 at 12:18 PM

I will post more pics once the model is a little more complete Rescued attachment 4.jpg
Rescued attachment 4.jpg

Gaz 1977 - 15/11/08 at 12:20 PM

and the final one.

i promice this is the last model and we will be full size very soon.

many thanks

Gaz Rescued attachment 5.jpg
Rescued attachment 5.jpg

was8v - 15/11/08 at 03:34 PM

Looks superb!

Has the coupe been dropped?

Gaz 1977 - 15/11/08 at 03:42 PM

no not at all, just trying to make it suit everybody.


DIY Si - 15/11/08 at 04:34 PM

Looking good Gaz! So will the coupe version be like this, but with a roof glued on top? I'm just trying to envisage how it'll work in my head.
PS, why do you keep changing the wheels round?

[Edited on 15/11/08 by DIY Si]

Gaz 1977 - 15/11/08 at 04:43 PM

thats how it works

DIY Si - 15/11/08 at 04:47 PM

Would the twin hump bit behind the seats be removable for boot space and so on? Either with or without the roof on.

Gaz 1977 - 15/11/08 at 05:54 PM

the twin hump bit would be removed if a hardtop is fitted and acts as a boot lid in the open version.

this should give an idea of boot space Rescued attachment boot space.jpg
Rescued attachment boot space.jpg

stevebubs - 15/11/08 at 08:06 PM


Perhaps worth taking a look at how the Ginetta G33 hood works...

Can see a similar mechanism may work well on the speedster / opentop ...


Gaz 1977 - 16/11/08 at 11:01 AM

thanks, will do.

There is going to be alot of working out fitting the roof and boot lid next week.

I have been looking at the hardtop on my mx5 (sorry) and how that fits. its quite tricky but i will get there.

I am glad im doing the working out at quarter scale and not full size.....


DIY Si - 16/11/08 at 12:44 PM

Ah, it all makes a lot more sense now I've seen that pic. Cheers.

jabbahutt - 20/11/08 at 03:20 PM

Truly stunning, you are an extremely talented individual!!!

I look forward to seeing the completed item it deserves to sell shed loads.


A1 - 21/11/08 at 02:44 AM

thats gorgeous! rather tvr-esq!
brilliant work, keep it up!
like the idea of targa top too...

907 - 21/11/08 at 06:45 PM

I had a little peek last night.

Your gonna love the way the boot lid hinges.

Doors are cut out too.

Paul G

p.s. Gaz is off line till he gets his new land line & internet sorted.


DIY Si - 21/11/08 at 08:03 PM

Oh come on Paul, you can't say that and then not have a pic!

JamJah - 22/11/08 at 12:13 AM

My guess is it is spilt from front to back. so hinges open like a picnic basket (or trying to sound macho gullwing doors).

But then I know nothing.

[Edited on 22/1111/0808 by JamJah]

Gaz 1977 - 22/11/08 at 09:07 PM

sounds like a plan, i have had alot worse.

i will post some new pics once the doors are finished.

the plan is to have the model finished for the Aeon Open Day on the 30th of december, everyone is welcome....



JamJah - 22/11/08 at 09:09 PM

I was thinking of the least practical way of doing it.
...But then again hinged from the sides is not a bad thought....

907 - 23/11/08 at 03:19 PM

I've been for a progress peek again.

This time it was daylight and I had a camera.

Gaz asked me to post some to show you how it's coming on as his 'pooter is still in boxes.

Boot lid Rescued attachment boot-lid-s.jpg
Rescued attachment boot-lid-s.jpg

907 - 23/11/08 at 03:20 PM

Side view Rescued attachment side-boot-lid-s.jpg
Rescued attachment side-boot-lid-s.jpg

907 - 23/11/08 at 03:22 PM

Open door Rescued attachment qv-open-door-s.jpg
Rescued attachment qv-open-door-s.jpg

907 - 23/11/08 at 03:25 PM

And, errr.... door open.

Paul G Rescued attachment door-open-s.jpg
Rescued attachment door-open-s.jpg

the_parson - 23/11/08 at 05:50 PM

Very nice indeed!

Is the brick that holds the door up optional or standard?

Sorry, it was an open goal...

Gaz 1977 - 23/11/08 at 09:35 PM

i need to give that back to you....

i found it under the snow in the front of your car.

DIY Si - 23/11/08 at 10:46 PM

Looking good there that is. Although I don't think the new wheel at the back is a good idea, the front looks much better on the model.
PS, any more details on the Aeon open day? Their website doesn't appear to be up to date.

JamJah - 24/11/08 at 01:32 AM

Is there going to be a lip on the inner edge of the boot lid? Just thinking opening the boot will push any water sat on it towards the canvas of the roof, which is admitted waterproof but not recomended surely.
Apart from that it's great! Even looks great in beige!
Seriously, It's looking really good. Can't wait to see it in the flesh! )
I am assuming it is going for a summer launch?

Gaz 1977 - 24/11/08 at 08:46 PM

there are no plans, at the moment for a soft top... just the coupe, open top, and the removable hard top.



the_parson - 30/11/08 at 10:06 AM

The model looks superb in the flesh. I know it's a way off but I can't wait to see the real thing, I have a feeling it will be a jaw dropping moment.

Gaz 1977 - 11/12/08 at 07:17 PM

Aeon sportscars are having an open day on the 30th of december.

The finished model of the Epona will be there as well as the chassis for all to sit in. (not too much, i get the first go)

Obviously the latest incarnations of Aeons current cars will be there for all to see.

everyone is very welcome.
(and its on my birthday)


Hellfire - 11/12/08 at 07:49 PM


I'm sure there is already loads of interest in your design, so how much longer will it be before Aeon have the kit (including body panels) available for sale to the general public? I couldn't help but notice that this thread is almost a year old now and all that will be on display at the open day is the scale model and a chassis?

I've no idea how long development takes on this sort of project but I had hoped that the full kit would have been available for sale by now. The longer this recession goes on, the less cash people will have to spend on expensive toys like these and I really would like to see all your hard work and effort come to fruition and for the car to be the success it deserves to be.


Gaz 1977 - 12/12/08 at 08:17 PM

The project is a part time thing for me (grabbing hours in the evenings and at weekends where i can) alongside starting a new business, building a workshop and moving house this year.

the reason that the car isnt out there yet is down to me being fussy. i dont want anything that has my name to it that i'm not at least 95% happy with.

I am really pleased with the revised design and cant wait for the first car to be finished in 2009.


Gaz 1977 - 14/12/08 at 03:29 PM

these are the latest work in progress pics of the open top version of the car.

There will be finished pics after the open day at Aeon. Rescued attachment img 1.jpg
Rescued attachment img 1.jpg

Gaz 1977 - 14/12/08 at 03:30 PM

I hope these are of interest Rescued attachment img2.jpg
Rescued attachment img2.jpg

Gaz 1977 - 14/12/08 at 03:31 PM

and another Rescued attachment img3.jpg
Rescued attachment img3.jpg

Gaz 1977 - 14/12/08 at 03:33 PM

and the dirty pass shot.

i never want to make door hinges again. (10 hours of pain)

Thanks for the support and it will get there in the new year.

Gaz Rescued attachment img4.jpg
Rescued attachment img4.jpg

DIY Si - 14/12/08 at 07:04 PM

Looking very good Gaz, even if the head lamps are taped in place.
I really like the tweaks you've done for the final model. Given me a few thoughts on what to do with the roof too, tempted to try some sort of targa/split hard top thingy. Still no idea how to run my exhaust though!

Gaz 1977 - 15/12/08 at 06:27 PM

Thanks Si

They are no longer taped in place, they fell off, and i stood on them.


DIY Si - 15/12/08 at 06:38 PM

Is it much work to make new ones?

Gaz 1977 - 19/12/08 at 05:24 PM

it's the last of my worries, i will do them between the starter and the main on the 25th

dhutch - 2/1/09 at 07:51 PM

First time i have seen this thread.
- Looks like fantasic work work, very interesting. If the real thing can look like the model than spot on.

The soft top looks spot on, although the hard top is what made me read the thread.


Gaz 1977 - 3/1/09 at 01:44 PM

Thanks Daniel,

I can assure you the hard top has not been dropped. I just thought i would get the open model finished first. Rescued attachment aeon-01.jpg
Rescued attachment aeon-01.jpg

serieslandy - 10/1/09 at 10:20 PM

After looking through the whole thread last week, its nice to see it in the ckc 2009 guide.
Well done GAZ, I can't wait to see the real thing.

DIY Si - 11/1/09 at 04:02 PM

Now that the open top model is done, are Aeon going to get a full shell made up soon? Or are they going to wait for the hard top and so on first?

DIY Si - 29/1/09 at 07:48 PM

Any news GAZ?

Gaz 1977 - 1/2/09 at 05:57 PM


i will know more in the next few weeks


jlparsons - 6/2/09 at 11:38 AM

That looks seriously classy as a drop top mate. Begging for an exotic V8 and a hefty price tag!

JamJah - 4/3/09 at 09:52 AM

Whats the latest?

907 - 7/3/09 at 04:51 PM

Hi All.

I picked up the chassis from Aeon a week ago with a view to making a few bits & bobs for it.

Last weekend Gaz & I did the exhaust manifold and today we put the cans on. Some midnight oil was also burned during the week.

I've opted for an expansion box with a re-packable can behind it. Both will be inside the sill.
The end bend still needs a short extension added with an SVA end. I will sort that when the body is on.

I intend to make the fuel tank next, with some sort of crash bar frame around it, then it's back to Keith at Aeon before the Detling show.

It's all go innit.

Paul G Rescued attachment epona-exhaust-059-s.jpg
Rescued attachment epona-exhaust-059-s.jpg

Gaz 1977 - 8/3/09 at 09:16 AM

pics of the exhaust system Rescued attachment exhaust for adam.JPG
Rescued attachment exhaust for adam.JPG

Gaz 1977 - 8/3/09 at 09:17 AM

and another Rescued attachment exhaust for adam 2.JPG
Rescued attachment exhaust for adam 2.JPG

Gaz 1977 - 8/3/09 at 09:26 AM

just to prove that a full size car seat fits in the chassis,

the Seat in the pic is a retrimmed mk1 mx5 seat with speekers in the head rest.


Gaz. Rescued attachment mx5 seat in epona.JPG
Rescued attachment mx5 seat in epona.JPG

Hellfire - 13/3/09 at 04:26 PM

It really is looking mint...

I reckon I would actually buy that - if I had the money



cloudy - 13/3/09 at 04:35 PM

It may just be the photo's - but it looks like a polybush is being used at 45 degrees on the front lower wishbone inner? Is this the case?

[Edited on 13/3/09 by cloudy]

RazMan - 13/3/09 at 05:20 PM

Originally posted by cloudy
It may just be the photo's - but it looks like a polybush is being used at 45 degrees on the front lower wishbone inner? Is this the case?

Correct, and there are very good reasons for it too. iirc the wishbone exerts less stress on the bush over its normal range of movement and the whole chassis is much stronger and flexes less as a result. It seems unorthodox but it definitely works.

[Edited on 13-3-09 by RazMan]

cloudy - 13/3/09 at 07:19 PM

The arc of motion won't be up and down viewed from the side it will scribe a curve - The top wishbones as shown dictate a straight path vertically. It will be flexing the bush side to side, perhaps either prematurely failing the bush or worse breaking a weld - Easy solution would be to replace it with a rosejoint....


[Edited on 13/3/09 by cloudy]

907 - 21/3/09 at 04:57 PM

Hi All

The bush is definitely rubber, and as Raz says, it works.
He should know as his car has the same set up and he's done a few miles in that.

The fuel tank is now fitted (see pic) with the protective bars around it.
Back to Aeon now for some more work.

Paul G Rescued attachment 0606-s.jpg
Rescued attachment 0606-s.jpg

eddie99 - 18/4/09 at 09:26 PM

Was nice to see the car and yourself at detling. Look forward to some more progress and seeing the kit on the market...


JamJah - 18/4/09 at 09:33 PM

Any full size body shells on show? Or expected release date?
I might have a morgage by the time this is in full production, and thats words i didnt think would come from my mouth 27 months ago!!

cymtriks - 1/5/09 at 08:58 AM

Lovely bodywork.

You might want to rethink some details on the chassis though.

As has already been pointed out the front bushes aren't aligned with the suspension movement. You may be getting away with that on a quich blast around the block but after 1000s of miles and a few sleeping policmen it may give up.

The top front wishbone seems to transfer its loads into a narrowly spaced pair of latteral tubes via a couple of extensions (little welded on tubes). These place the the bolts in single shear and place all sorts of bending into the pair of lateral tubes. A quick look at most chassis shows a completly different design. Look at the Locost, Fury, Caterhm etc.

The sills contribute little to chassis stiffness and could be simplified, why use more tubes than you need in an area that just holds up the floor side? You could just keep the top tube on the sills and bend the floor up to meet it.

The central backbone has no triangulation on the top or (as far as I can make out) on the bottom. That makes the stiffness very low. Consider turning the tunnel into a fully (i.e. braced on the top, bottom and sides) braced box. This will really stiffen up the frame.

Have you considered getting it FEA'ed?

Have you made a small model and twisted it in your hands to see where the deflection is comming from and which tube gives up first?

It's such a pretty body, it deserves a great chassis. With a bit of thought you could certainly improve what you already have.

Great project by the way, I wish I had the space to do the same!

Gaz 1977 - 3/5/09 at 03:07 PM

Hi there,

The front wishbone design was suggested by MIRA over the traditional design as they say its alot stronger, it has been on the GT3 (a car known for its handling) for many years with out a single problem. With the shocks fitted now the front end moves freely, it even goes up and down.

I have built scale models of the epona chassis and also a standard locost one. I can honistly say its alot stiffer then a locost chassis. (both models were made from the same material, same glues etc.

Just had a look at your photo archive..

It's such a pretty chassis, it deserves a great body. With a bit of thought you could certainly improve what you already have.



[Edited on 3/5/09 by Gaz 1977]

RazMan - 3/5/09 at 03:56 PM

Just a confirmation about the wishbone / bush orientation.

Over the NORMAL movement of the wishbone (ie with shocks and springs fitted) the misalignment is honestly negligible, probably less than a tenth of a degree and well within the tolerance of a rubber bush. The whole setup is tremendously strong and in 20,000 miles on my own car I can testify that the only thing to wear was a cheap rose joint, which after replacement has since done 12,000 miles without any perceptable wear.

In short, it LOOKS unconventional but has been thoroughly stress tested by MIRA - I seem to recall that there is a video floating around to demonstrate this.

907 - 3/5/09 at 07:31 PM

Er..... I probably shouldn't mention this.....

but as I understand things, this design has been extensively tested over hump back bridges.

Paul G

RazMan - 3/5/09 at 07:48 PM

Damn right - and nothing broke even then!

Hellfire - 14/5/09 at 05:49 PM

Do we have any news lately?


andyd - 2/6/09 at 10:56 AM

Originally posted by Hellfire
Do we have any news lately?

Obviously not

How about now though?

Hellfire - 25/6/09 at 06:06 AM

Still no updates... me mojo is cooling now...


JamJah - 25/6/09 at 07:06 AM

I wonder whether being 3 months since the last update is a good thing or a bad thing.
Surely a summer launch is the best time to release this as people are motivated to go into their garages with a full year to get it on the road for another summer. But then again surely you’d want to start intrigue in the form of a marketing campaign?
However it might mean that they are all busy beavering away with the finishing touches and not thought about selling it yet.

Gaz 1977 - 25/6/09 at 08:10 PM

Hi chaps,

I have been on the phone to Keith from Aeon today and this is where we are at.

we have a couple of options on how we go ahead on building the body, one will cost us £30,000 and could be started tomorow one will cost us a fraction of that but means a wait of a few months, personally i am happy to wait.

however if there is enough interest in the project (in the form of deposits) we are happy to dive straight in.

All we need is six more deposits.

The aeon Epona website is being built as we speek, this will contain all the news on the project.

I would reconmend contacting Aeon Sportcars with any enquiries.



omega0684 - 19/7/09 at 11:26 AM

hi gaz,

do we have any further news on your build and from Aeon?

How is the website development coming?

Schrodinger - 20/8/09 at 11:29 AM

Hi Gaz
Any news on the progress of either the car or the website?

Gaz 1977 - 22/8/09 at 08:59 PM

its all going well, the site should be up next week.

jason as done a great job on the cnc machine down at Aeon, its all good.

Guinness - 23/8/09 at 03:40 PM

Is the body still going to retro fit onto a Locost / MK type chassis?


Gaz 1977 - 25/8/09 at 07:21 PM

well its the same wheelbase and track so it should.

saying that alot of sevens have different dimentions.

The aeon epona website is up and running, its work in progress but there are alot of good pics. It is not regestered with google yet (as in went online today) So you need to type the address in the tool bar

Schrodinger - 26/8/09 at 09:43 AM

Are there any prices yet?

omega0684 - 30/8/09 at 08:07 PM

gaz do you know if there are any plans for a full role cage package? looking at the chassis itself, both the driver and passenger look very vulnerable to side impact if in a crash.

Gaz 1977 - 6/9/09 at 03:21 PM

as far as prices are concerned, it is best to ring aeon.

as for side protection there are no doors on it yet. the plan is to put bars in the doors like a road car.


907 - 18/9/09 at 05:57 AM

Link to Epona web site.

Paul G

G.Man - 18/9/09 at 06:40 PM

Kitcar Porn tbh

Schrodinger - 7/1/10 at 09:22 PM

What is the latest news on the Epona?

omega0684 - 19/1/10 at 02:27 PM

the epona website hasn't been updated for months, i check it every week as im still keen on one.

know one seems to know whats going on, hopefully gary might be able to shed some light, if he see's this post

was8v - 20/1/10 at 12:28 AM

I'm watching this too- as I suspect are a lot of people. Really interested in a genuinely good looking self build sports car and this fits the bill.

Any news?

Alan B - 12/2/10 at 03:28 PM

I guess we can assume this has died a death...shame really as it was very promising...

Unless someone knows differently?

jeffw - 13/2/10 at 07:11 AM

My understanding is that the guys at Aeon are very busy with their primary business (crop sprayers and other farm vehicles). On top of this is the investment required to get the bodywork moulds done. Keith was saying that if they get x number of customers make a deposit then they will do it (don't remember what the x is).

So, in answer to your question, it isn't a dead project but rather on the back burner. The specialist farm vehicles are the bread and butter (and Jam I'm sure) the kit car side of the business is the fun/hobby. Anyone want a GPS controlled automated crop spray for several £000 ?

907 - 13/2/10 at 11:42 PM

I think you have hit the nail on the head Jeff.

Keith (Aeon) is no different to any other business.
What spurs you on is how many times a month the phone rings, or better still, how many knocks at your door.

Paul G

Hellfire - 14/2/10 at 08:59 PM

The problem is though, until people actually see a finished vehicle in the flesh, they won't want to part with their hard earned cash. Personally, I'd want to see and feel what the bodywork fit and finish is like and see and feel the quality of the materials used. I wouldn't pay any money up front until I'd actually seen one and maybe even tried it out.

I'm convinced that if this were to make it onto the market it would be Aeon's biggest seller to date and would take the company to another level. It's a pity that they're not prepared to take the financial risk. I'd try and find other manufacturers who are prepared to take that risk and get the car onto the market. Not easy I know but it would be a crying shame if this car never reaches the potential it has.....


jeffw - 18/2/10 at 10:51 AM

The issue is that Kit Cars (by and large) don't make much profit for the companies involved. Most of them are done for the love of designing the cars and not to be rich off the proceeds. Car Builder Solutions is a case in point, when they where making the P4 replica they sold 20-30 units over a big period of time...when they switched to supplying bits the business took off.

I'm sure if Keith thought there was a sufficient market for the car he would do it. You are talking of an investment of several Tens of thousands of £. If you assume that this figure is £40K (I don't know one way or another) and you make 20% margin (this sounds high to me) you would need 10 cars sold at £20K to cover your bodywork costs. So the bottom line is if it was economic to do then I'm sure it would get made.

Fred W B - 18/2/10 at 11:35 AM

I'd say that's a pretty good guess

I will have spent the equivelant of about 2500 pounds on materials by the time I have made my moulds.

I have seen figures quoted of 1000 hours to make a body pattern the old fashioned way (I have taken longer, and am just starting with moulds now)

So we need someone who is willing to work for 6 months (at 40 hours a week) for 37.5 pounds per hour (including overheads) to meet the 40 k estimate.

This assumes you start with a set of drawings, no computer/design time has been allowed for


Fred W B

eddie99 - 14/9/10 at 10:49 PM

Any progress by any chance?

Gaz 1977 - 27/9/10 at 04:22 PM

Hi all.

No progress to speak of at the moment.

Since i started my company i have had no spare time to do any work on the car, and as my time is now booked for the next year, i cant cant see that changing very soon.

I know keith is flat out with his main business at the moment so it has been put on the back burner.

If anyone wanted to get involved in the project or take the project on themselves, Keith and I would be happy to speak to them.



stevebubs - 29/9/10 at 12:57 AM


How far down the line did the production of the body get?

907 - 13/1/11 at 07:22 AM

Sad news.

Paul G

Schrodinger - 2/5/11 at 12:14 PM

Do we know who has bought the project?

David Jenkins - 2/5/11 at 12:54 PM

According to TotalKitCar it's Exceed Autocraft ltd (halfway down the page).

Exceed Autodraft

[Edited on 2/5/11 by David Jenkins]

RazMan - 2/5/11 at 01:26 PM

I can confirm that too - I had some cards plonked on my Aeon's seat while i was wandering around the show. Good to see that the car will be relaunched at the Newark show, but as a 2 seater like mine.

Gaz 1977 - 22/5/11 at 08:52 AM

Hi all,

Well i have sold the Epona project, and i think it has gone to a good home. I cant wait to see the car full size and i am sure that Exceed will do a great job.

I will keep everyone posted with any news.



SeanStone - 4/6/12 at 10:47 AM

Any updates?

Andybarbet - 4/6/12 at 10:23 PM

This was on ebay lat week ish

Aeon GT2 - a truly unique mid engined sports car | eBay

Stunning looking car

David Jenkins - 5/6/12 at 08:49 AM

Owned by a member of this forum, RazMan!

And yes, it is even more beautiful in real life... it's really well put together.

rusty nuts - 5/6/12 at 08:52 AM

IIRC although an Aeon it wasn't an Epona ?

RazMan - 5/6/12 at 09:17 AM

Hi Guys,

Just to let everyone know, the Epona is not an Aeon - but has (had?) connections with Aeon Sportscars. As far as I know, both projects have now been taken over by Exceed Autocraft who relaunched the Aeon GT2 (a variant of my car) last year at Newark.
Judging from the lack of activity on the development of both models (most probably down to the current recession) it looks like they have been shelved for the moment but I sincerely hope they will resurface in the near future as I honestly think they are both worthy projects which deserve to be kept alive.

If anyone has any more information I would love to know the full story.

Finally, on a personal note, I have now reluctantly sold my car through Pistonheads - mainly due to my health and personal circumstances.

stevebubs - 15/5/15 at 06:42 PM

What has happened to Exceed? It would appear from Stoneleigh that Aeon now have the GT back in-house...Epona now totally dead?

Bigheppy - 7/6/17 at 10:08 PM

Just seen this:- Project for sale on ebay
Epona kit car project, design, business opportunity

stevebubs - 7/6/17 at 11:50 PM

Doncaster... that'll be Exceed selling off their assets then...

tegwin - 8/6/17 at 02:05 PM

Wow, £6500 for what?