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Fuel Pipe Size
the_big_1 - 23/7/19 at 06:44 AM

Hi Guys,

Would 8mm fuel pipe be OK to use on a 2.0L Zetec Silver top running the standard injection system?



40inches - 23/7/19 at 07:41 AM

I use 8mm on the Jag 3litre engine, not a problem

Myke 2463 - 23/7/19 at 07:54 AM

8mm o/d copper on silvertop with Jenveys no probs. no drop in fuel pressure on RR at 7k.

hughpinder - 23/7/19 at 09:29 AM

8mm OD should be fine - 8mm bore is good for up to 500 bhp.

dellyend1 - 23/7/19 at 02:55 PM

I've got 8mm on my silvertop and all is working as should be

Hope that helps


the_big_1 - 23/7/19 at 04:47 PM

Thanks guys!
8mm it is then!!!!

the_big_1 - 18/8/19 at 05:11 PM

Hi guys,

If you read the article below, they have pipe size as 8mm in side diameter. Most below talk about 8mm outside diameter?
For the 2.0l Zetec on standard injection, should it be 8mm outside or inside diameter?

Many thanks!