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Sierra 8 valve pinto fuel rail connection
SteveWalker - 27/5/22 at 11:27 PM

I am in the process of preparing to replace my Weber 38 DGMS and hall-effect distributor system with Microsquirt, running ignition and fuel-injection.

I have cut the flange from a standard EFI manifold, Lumiwelded tubes in to replace the runners and added individual throttle bodies from a motorbike.

I am using a standard Sierra fuel rail to feed the normal injectors, inserted into the flange, but have lost the fuel feed connection to it. To save me measuring and looking through both matric and imperial options, does anyone know what connection is used on it?

Grimsdale - 1/6/22 at 08:56 AM

the stock fitting is 6mm, but i recently found and fitted this to suit my 8mm rubber lines.

SteveWalker - 1/6/22 at 12:18 PM

It's the size of the thread that I am interested in, rather than the hose barb. Is the thread on that nut the correct one? I didn't make my question clear and unfortunately your reply is slightly ambiguous too.