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Monit g200 fuel gauge connection.
omega 24 v6 - 19/4/15 at 08:32 AM

Ok guys here's something that might interest many of you. However my question is mainly directed at the electronics gurus in our midst.
I need to fit this unit to a rally car which at the moment has no way of controlling fuel levels. We are just guessing and by the end of a days rallying we are usually carrying way to much weight in fuel.

The problem I have is the car has no fuel gauge at all. The team want to connect this unit to a sender unit and use it as a stand alone system. In the attached PDF you can see they recommend fitting a resistor when the cars fuel gauge has been removed. ( a resistor of the same value). I assume this is to prevent large currents from going through the sender unit in the tank and causing fire/explosion.

So how do I work out which size and type of resistor is required.??

Thanks in advance.

omega 24 v6 - 19/4/15 at 09:48 PM

This is the first time I've seen a question unanswered on locostbuilders. Hope someone can help