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Ford Sierra light switch ???
Johnmor - 23/9/20 at 03:57 PM

Hi All

I have a sierra light /wiper switch and I found a copy of the wiring connections for the switch (on here ) so i can see where the connections fit however as i work through the connections i canít figure out how it switches from side to headlights

Itís fairly clear that in the first raised position I have a contact from the +v feed to the side lights out, thatís fine and easy

The arm then moves up again to trigger headlights and i can find no difference in all the terminals , the side lights are still getting +v but nothing to see how it then switches the head lights. No other terminal in the switch receives any +v

Iím not a electrician so plain English will be most helpful,

Im sure im just being dumb , but cant figure how it then triggers headlights

Thanks in advance


Deckman001 - 23/9/20 at 04:07 PM

Hi John, this reply probably isn't going to help but you will need to know which type of switch and loom you have as there are different types of switches, some being negative based and some being positive based. The loom will also need be based on that switch type.

Also am assuming you are using a sierra steering column so the switches are plugged into at the rear and should then feed relays depending on the load of the lights.


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Davedew - 23/9/20 at 04:15 PM

Hi John,

If using the later type switched earth light switches, when you move the right hand stalk up into position 2, ie headlights on, it connects pin 56 of the light switch to pin 31 (earth) of the light switch.

Pin 56 on the right stalk then links across to pin 56 of the left hand stalk.
Main beam relay earth through pin 56A, dipped beam through pin 56B of the left hand stalk.



Johnmor - 23/9/20 at 04:25 PM

Thanks for the replys

i suspected an earth switch solution, but i was getting lost in tracing the terminals,
i noticed the dip , full beam uses an earth solution so was hoping it was something like that

thats again

back on track!!!