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Upgrade starter 87BB 11000 DA to 1.4 kW
harmchar - 3/6/21 at 08:06 PM

Evening all, I've just pulled my starter of my 2.1 Pinto-saurus Haynes Roadster and looking at upgrading if possible to the 1.4kW type I see on some sites. On the old starter label it says, 87BB 11000 DA. Does anyone know of a 1.4kW direct replacement for this type. As per usual, not looking to spend a fortune on it !!!

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harmchar - 4/6/21 at 05:02 PM

87BB 11000 AA
Just double checked the number on starter and it should have read 87BB 11000 AA. Also noticed I have a 202 block Pinto. Not sure if this is why I am struggling to pinpoint a replacement starter that will fit.

steve m - 4/6/21 at 05:49 PM

Starterman on here is the best guy to talk to, although ive not seen him for a while

starterman - 4/6/21 at 06:49 PM

He's here

starterman - 4/6/21 at 06:51 PM

There is a 1.4kw GR starter available. They are about 70 all in delivered.


harmchar - 4/6/21 at 07:26 PM

Cheers Mike, do you sell this starter? That's a really good price, do you have a website for payment etc?

starterman - 4/6/21 at 07:45 PM

U2U sent

steve m - 4/6/21 at 08:52 PM

Good to here my M8 is still about

Mike, ive got a question about start stop,

In your view of what you do, does it affect the life span of a starter motor in a start stop environment ?

Only asking, as ive had to replace the humongous battery on my 3 yr old Mondeo auto, and wondered if the starter is next ..................

starterman - 5/6/21 at 04:48 PM

Hi Steve,

Stop/start starters are normally bigger kw than the conventional starter and they have 6 brushes ( 3 neg and 3 pos) rather than the normal 4 brushes.

They rarely go wrong and if need be most times the conventional and stop/start starters can be used in place of each other.

Hope that made sense.


harmchar - 8/6/21 at 08:49 PM

Cheers for the starter Mike. Works a treat. So much more torque for turning over the stubborn Pinto. The starter has so much torque, I might just ditch the Pinto and hook up a starter to each wheel and go all electric....
Thanks again and for anyone reading this and wants any starter motor knowledge, Mike the Starterman is the place to go. Don't waste days trawling the internet like I did first. 👍