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Rewiring for new ecu & security
FFMan - 10/11/20 at 07:36 PM

I'm preparing an MX5 bases Haynes Roadster for track use. It all seems to work ok (not been on track yet but private road test seems ok) but firstly, there is a ton of unused loom and connectors taped up etc that I really don't like. Secondly, I plan later to turbo or SC it, and ME221 ecu looks like the weapon of choice.

I think i note though that the ME221 plugs into the standard loom connectors, much of which i want to remove.

Is the key & security module required to make the standard ecu work, or can it be removed.

Has anyone here done this ? I wondered if the approach was to get the loom out, lay it on the floor and remove all the wrapping and see if is then possible to retain the bits I need. Or do i just buy the parts and start again, i don't think minimal wiring to run the engine OK can be that complicated ?

any tips/thoughts welcome.

cliftyhanger - 11/11/20 at 07:12 AM

You can buy the ME221 as a mx5 "special" or with a generic loom that you would need to terminate for all your sensor connections.

I expect the security stuff is required for the existing ECU though. And yes, you can open the whole loom up and start taking the cutters to it, but care and a decent wiring diagram is needed. You don't want to chop is all about then find the car won't run, I would be tempted to do it in the car, double checking after each cut.

JAG - 11/11/20 at 12:58 PM

Which year and model MX5 donated the wiring harness?

FFMan - 11/11/20 at 01:44 PM

Originally posted by JAG
Which year and model MX5 donated the wiring harness?

1998 NB 1.6