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My Thanks to Trev D
John Bonnett - 23/2/11 at 04:20 PM

My sincere thanks to Trev for inviting me to spend a day with him in his workshop to learn some of the tricks of the trade and to even use his wheeling machine and Eckold Piccolo shrinker. It was a fascinating experience and a will be a great help to me when I commence building the aluminium body to go on the Triumph Spitfire chassis.

Trev's work is of the highest order and I was particularly lucky to see a Gemini Formula Junior car that Trev has just finished work on before the owner collected it.

A great day and many many thanks to Trev for sparing his time; really appreciated.


carpmart - 23/2/11 at 04:27 PM

Trev has helped me out a couple of times and is a jolly decent bloke!

dave - 23/2/11 at 06:02 PM

I could quite happily spend a day in his workshop. Its an art some of the stuff he does.

John Bonnett - 1/3/11 at 04:39 PM

Some things don't strike you at the time but, thinking back to my visit, Trev does not have a plethora of exotic tools at his disposal, he achieves what he does by sheer skill and experience which I can only stand back and admire.

While I was there, he fabricated from steel a pair of huge inner wings for an Alvis. He carried out the raising (the radiused part of the arch) using the English wheel and his eye for to judge when the correct angle had been formed. The complete arch was made in three parts, each part butting up to the next perfectly with no gap so, just right for welding without distortion. He completed the whole task with speed and consumate ease; a real professional. When he'd finished, the second one was identical to the first; not easy.


Trev D - 1/3/11 at 08:44 PM

Hi mate it was a pleasure to have you there i only wish i could of spent more time with you.