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nerdy tyre size question
smart51 - 5/9/17 at 02:45 PM

I want to buy some performance tyres for my tin top but don't want to change the alloys. Sadly it has 14" 4.5J rims, which limits the choice somewhat. My choice is to fit the stock size 155/65 R14s or slightly wider 165/60 R14s.

I know the size of the contact patch will be the same, but slightly wider or slightly longer according to size. Theory says the wider tyre will be fractionally more prone to aquaplaning. Theoretically, the 165s will last longer as the wear will be spread over slightly more rubber.

The big question is, which will feel better? How do wider tyres feel compared to narrower on the same rim? Or is the difference so small I won't feel it?

martinnitram - 5/9/17 at 06:41 PM

According to this your rims will accept 165 tyres

To answer your question though, the narrower tyre will 'feel' better as it will stretch the sidewalls more than a wider tyre.

I doubt you will notice though, is it a run-around car (guessing with the wheel size) ? if so you wont be driving that hard to notice.


smart51 - 5/9/17 at 08:00 PM

Originally posted by martinnitram
you wont be driving that hard to notice.

I wouldn't guarantee that