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Circuit of Reims-Gueux
gremlin1234 - 8/1/22 at 05:11 PM

The Tim Traveller has many excellent videos, but here is one of the Circuit of Reims-Gueux 2021/22

theconrodkid - 8/1/22 at 06:17 PM

nice find, even better is at 1-44 the pavilion they named after moi
be nice again when it all gets a coat of paint

adithorp - 8/1/22 at 06:49 PM

It's a really interesting place. Very atmospheric. Everytime I've been you can see the progress the association has made. There's usually been a decent selection of cars around or events on as well but it's always been June or July when we've been there.

Sanzomat - 9/1/22 at 12:37 PM

Thanks for sharing that link. We have an overnight stop on our journey back from Provence in June that is only 5 minutes from there and I didn't know it existed so would have otherwise driven right past on the Autoroute. Shame it'll be in the tin top or it would have made a great photo with either the GTM or 7 but I'll definitely be twisting the arm of SWMBO for a quick visit.

kenton - 9/1/22 at 04:10 PM

Well worth the visit. Stopped there on the way back from one of SKCC road trips.
Le mans start.
That's me getting away first in my old Luego

pewe - 13/1/22 at 03:44 PM

Most of us are aware of the shenanigans of current Formula1 but its been going on for years.
The late, great Sir Sterling Moss took Pole at Reims one year by using the public road before the straight to allow him a flying start over the Start/Finish line - cunning fox that he was!