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Stylus Help Needed - Panhard Rod
Fury1630 - 27/2/22 at 03:27 PM

Afternoon, my Stylus' panhard rod chassis bracket hits the ground occasionally & it doesn't look like the sort of thing JP would design, so I'm wondering if it's a later addition. Could someone post a photo of the chassis end of the panhard rod please? Mine needs re-engineering & an idea of what JP had in mind would be good.


westf27 - 27/2/22 at 05:24 PM

In your archive there is a picture showing a diff with driveshafts,so do you mean panhard rod or link arm.

Send me your email and I will copy mine to you.Mine runs an escort axle.

adithorp - 28/2/22 at 02:06 PM

Those pictures are his Fury not a Stylus that he's referring to now.

A picture or two would help. From what I can remember the lower tie bar mountings are pretty low but the panhard is above the axle

Fury1630 - 28/2/22 at 03:44 PM

All sorted now thanks, the "standard" set up has the panhard rod bolting into the lower outboard corner of the rear bulkhead, mine had a quite nasty "leggey" bracket - now re-drilled further up & shortened, with a back up plan in csae it still bounces.

number-1 - 28/2/22 at 04:12 PM

If you don't get an answer on here, try the Facebook SSC stylus owners page.

Edit...sorry....i didnt see the above post. Glad its sorted.

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Fury1630 - 28/2/22 at 04:18 PM

Got an answer now thanks.

Can't do Face book, I'm banned. No idea why, I joined one day, the following day I got a message saying I was banned, no explanation. Hadn't sent anything. So I just thought "up yours then"