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Sylva Striker Wrapping
jester - 13/5/24 at 09:40 PM

I have waited over a week for a price to wrap on striker it was for the rear gelcoat panel & one piece bonnet only.The rest of the car is alloy
All the rear lights & boot cover studs will be out for flat easy job.I also said to the company I would be repairing any damage to the gelcoat & cleaning up the rattle spray can mess that was put on back body tube by the first owner.
The price they came back with was 900.00 to 1200 Is it me or do company's not want work
I got a full 2 pack respray Quote for my jester that came in at 1400 that price was with rear wing repair work.
Anybody out there no of a good car wrapping company that will quote for a kitcar not Bentley I am in the Oxfordshire area

I have also posted this on the Bodywork & Exterior Area on this forum on here

Slimy38 - 14/5/24 at 06:59 AM

That is pretty much what I would expect. A good wrap isn't that much cheaper than a paint job. Both need a good amount of prep, the tiniest grain of muck or a scar on the body will show through on the wrap as much as it would on the paint. If your repair work isn't spot on then they're going to have to redo it before they wrap it. While I appreciate your comment about it not being a Bentley, it doesn't mean they will 'dumb down' the work.

If you did it yourself then you'd save a fortune, and you could do it to any finish you wanted.