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Selling car
carnut - 9/4/11 at 08:01 AM

Since I have advertised my MK indy, Ive had lots of interest from the continent. I'm being very cagey with them because I'm not sure if they are scammers. However the exchange rate does make things cheaper for them. Ive basically said to all of them that they can buy the car if they turn up at my door with pound sterling cash. Has anyone sold cars to people on the continent.

Steve Hignett - 9/4/11 at 08:55 AM

Just sold my Golf last week to a guy in Germany...

Apart from dragging his feet when replying to me via email and text (which you could possibly put down to language barrier, but were talking days to reply not hours) the transaction went over very smoothly...

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designer - 9/4/11 at 09:33 AM

If they give you the money, give it to them.

A large deposit, non refundable, by bank transfer is a good idea.

Guinness - 9/4/11 at 10:10 AM

I sold a Landy to a guy from Holland a couple of years back.

The deal was he turned up with cash in and took the car away. No way I was taking a deposit / organising shipping etc etc.

He turned up, but only had the folding in Euro's. But he gave me a bit extra to cover the exhange costs, and I tested the cash with one of those pens / UV lights.

Other than that, the only complication seemed to be with the V5. There is a section to fill in if you are selling it and a section to fill in if you are exporting it. But I don't think you can fill it in so it is sold to the guy and he can export it straight away, as he needed a bit of the V5 to import it into Holland.

So we did our best, photocopied the lot and sent a letter to the DVLA, who acknowledged receipt and that I'd sold the car and it was no longer my responsibility.

carnut - 25/4/11 at 09:09 AM

Car is now sold. I have a deposit but the european buyer wants me to send him a copy of v5 and MOT for him to get insurance. Can a copy of these documents be used in a fraudulent way? I'm fairly confident that this guy is genuine but want to cover my back.