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Clutch slipping?
pekwah1 - 16/3/18 at 06:32 PM

Hi guys,

I think my clutch is slipping but seems to be doing it in reverse... not reverse gear, Iíll explain!

Instead of the high gears you would expect, ie 4th and 5th slipping when you plant it, mine seems to slip in 1st and 2nd, especially 2nd when alternating hard out of a corner.

Iím assuming itís the clutch, revs climb but speed doesnít increase.
Itís a striker with zetec and type 9 and live axle open LSD if that makes a difference...

Anyway, sound like the clutch or could it be something else weird?


motivforz - 16/3/18 at 06:54 PM

Is there any chance the inside rear wheel is slipping on the road? My old Mk1 Mx5 with an open diff would do this - felt like clutch slip but was just the tyre. Maybe worth sticking a go-pro pointing at the tyre and try to provoke it.

pekwah1 - 16/3/18 at 06:59 PM

I donít think so, for a start theyíre r888 and the engine is only 130hp so would take some doing, plus surely Iíd hear that and would send the car a bit sideways?
Definitely feels like clutch slip, just weird itís only apparent in 1st and 2nd

ian locostzx9rc2 - 16/3/18 at 07:14 PM

Does it slip in a straight line is it an open diff or lsd if itís an open diff and itís slipping when cornering it could be wheel spin strikers are a great balanced car so it might not go sideways.

CosKev3 - 16/3/18 at 07:48 PM

Cable clutch or hydraulic?

pekwah1 - 16/3/18 at 08:30 PM

It does slip in a straight line, have only really noticed it in 1st pulling away quickly, maybe a little bit in second.
It is an open lsd, even with this I have had the car a little bit sideways from time to time so it definitely slides a bit!

Cable clutch, Iíve easily got a cm or two free play so itís not over tightened

snapper - 16/3/18 at 08:42 PM

We assume clutches slip when in high gear because the engine canít cause wheels to spin however lower gears are torque multipliers and with sticky tyres instead of wheel spin if your clutch is suspect itíll slip as it is now the weak point

mcramsay - 16/3/18 at 09:28 PM

I had this exact same issue on my Zero. Which was also a zero coupled up to a type 9. I found it was because I had used a release arm from a V6 type 9 box, for what ever reason they hold the release bearing slightly closer to the diaphragm springs than the normal release arms do. This caused slight pressure on the pressure plate in the resting position and let the clutch slip slightly. Disconnect the clutch cable from the release arm and see if itís free to move slightly. If itís tight then that may be your issue.... bit of a long shot but you never know. I only found it out after changing every other clutch related part!

pekwah1 - 16/3/18 at 10:20 PM

Thanks, I was pulling on the cable and can make the arm rattle so donít think thereís any tension there.
Maybe itís as snapper says, I have nice sticky tyres and a torquey engine so just provoking it in the lower gears, I guess Iíll just bite the bullet and pull the engine out

motivforz - 17/3/18 at 07:24 AM

Interesting to read the issue described above, and as you say with decent tyres it's less likely to be that part slipping and more likely to be further up the drivetrain. Good luck!