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LocostUSA Forum down/dead?
Mike Wood - 13/10/19 at 07:19 PM


Anyone been able to access the LocostUSA forum recently? I can't seem to get it.

Shame if it has gone, as it had some useful and interesting build diaries an dideas, for example 'CS3' who built a Locost with modified scuttle position to resemble a Series 2 or early Series 3 Seven, as well as the same guy who scratch built a Lotus Eleven replica.


Doctor Derek Doctors - 14/10/19 at 07:49 AM

I can't get on it either, there were loads of interesting threads on there.

nick205 - 14/10/19 at 11:20 AM

I don't frequent it, but I can't get on there at the moment either.

GonzoRacer - 14/10/19 at 12:25 PM

Our resident digital wizard reports that the servers "upstream" from us have crashed. Quite unusual, apparently. He wondered if it was actually the DNS servers or the controller for them, but didn't know. The "Report a Problem" webpage on their site had been replaced with a generic message about the crash and said it would be fixed in 12 hours or so. That was on Friday.

I'm going into withdrawal without it... HELP ME!!!

cs3tcr - 15/10/19 at 02:10 PM

I'm on this site too, but don't post much. And as for the Seven, it was built using a much copied and faded set of Lotus blueprints, so not really Locost more Lotus clone. Send me a PM if you have any questions or want some more detailed pictures.


Myke 2463 - 16/10/19 at 10:35 AM