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new keeper or in trade
number-1 - 24/5/22 at 05:40 PM

Chaps.....i might start trying to buy and sell motorbikes. Buy for a decent price, repair/service etc and sell for a small profit. If i do this, when i buy one, i dont want to add a keeper as i will only have it for a couple of weeks. Does anyone know if i can ask the seller to assign me as the keeper in trade rather than new keeper? Are there any guidelines?


ReMan - 26/5/22 at 11:04 PM

Think you'll find that if you want to do this as a hobby, you don't have a choice other than to change ownership to yourself and adding an owner
If you become a "Trader" then you keep the log book from the seller and give it to the buyer having given the seller the "selling to a trader"
Where the boundaries are though.....

Slimy38 - 27/5/22 at 06:59 AM

You do have the potential issue of tax vs test rides. If a potential buyer wants to go for a ride, it should be taxed or on trade plates. The former will require you to own the vehicle, the latter is where 'trader' comes in but trade plates can be expensive.