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6m Skirting board
femster87 - 26/6/18 at 11:11 AM

Hi Guys, Bit of a diy question. Does anyone know a company that makes skirting boards in 6m lenghts?

nick205 - 26/6/18 at 12:10 PM

Can't say I do, but last time I fitted new skirting I joined sections by cutting mating 45 bevels on each end. Once glued on the wall and painted over you can't see the joint.

Slimy38 - 26/6/18 at 12:13 PM

I've only ever found 2.4m, which means that for the rooms that are longer we've had to join them. As Nick mentions, a 45 degree join is almost invisible.

Having said that, even at 2.4m they're really difficult to work with, I've had a couple twist and crack because they can't hold their own weight. I'd imagine 6m is even worse?

mac1ZR - 26/6/18 at 12:50 PM

Think MDF comes in 5metre lengths, but timber is usually 4.8 metres

femster87 - 26/6/18 at 01:35 PM

Room is 5.6 meters. I have found 5.4m but not 6. As you said, it would be a nightmare to handle. I just dont want multiple joints

nick205 - 26/6/18 at 02:25 PM

Worth mentioning that the stuff I used was pre-primered MDF - double faced with a different profile either side.

HowardB - 26/6/18 at 04:02 PM

same 5m MDF pre-primed from a timber yard,.. silly cheap compared with real wood too

nick205 - 27/6/18 at 11:31 AM

The pre-primed MDF cuts nicely and paints easily as well.

I've found real wood a PITA before as it needs knot treatment, primer and then top coat. Real wood is often warped along its length as well, making it harder to get a good straight finish.

harmchar - 27/6/18 at 09:29 PM

I bought pvc skirting at 6m from Eurocell. Never shrinks, cracks, twists, never needs painting. Wipe clean and forget. Will never go back to white gloss wood again.