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Where can I get a replacement spring?
scudderfish - 16/5/20 at 02:14 PM


It came from a B&Q cabinet that is well out of stock now. I've got no idea what terms to search for to find a replacement...


gremlin1234 - 16/5/20 at 04:18 PM

well we need to start with approx size, and strength. I guess its a 'pull' spring, the number of coils might help,

edit: a very quick search suggests many places ie:

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scudderfish - 16/5/20 at 04:29 PM

I guess I was more on about the shape of the spring, I've not seen one like this before.

Mike S - 16/5/20 at 06:29 PM

Not seen spring stays like that for years.

If I remember rightly, these were often used on overhead hatch doors that swing up. The spring would then hold the door open.

I guess the modern equivalent would be a gas spring.

Have a look at this site as they seem to have some good options.



steve m - 16/5/20 at 07:51 PM

I would look at the following ebay link, just get something of the right diameter, and maybe put one inside another ? 33cb52f001:m:mBwBETVD5sq6u7j41n_6jmg&enc=AQAEAAACYIQvEcHUrT7nmUC3yY5qbPyaBN1nJEDYW8MyypsJPgXKy5QCKmmXtR1khE%2F9fH98lmdpKi18289gpxz%2FnVC%2BdKTvTIo wf%2F%2F0vXKn7q0oEuZbtY4%2Fs2pSDYebn9Pf1nuOEPh64Db77GD4y1zqWmHDsvGr2Qf0oqgYAOLWJZoF%2BCSqSYdQ5mLZutWGMxSbkdZ9c3okrt3p5dw3CtNvbGBjY6UhXBUMpsSDSCy3MO2u% 2FUEGfb9bWqWp5F4aV7jmSgrag71xwR91VIxq20TaW%2FrEAdYXj4PiHwaTtJEqOSiokg56PtzlTMYaYQAwFwLEUhaG4FZY0dUamCRuyGrx4q%2BWKmHcrRv3%2FQ55C8e4bR3nwfwEcqIyZLRRbqR VYjCYOxcSL62k7%2FUcL2eA9Io5xaoHGnxn097i5DUYHD4qVkFrCrnbwSpz42ZdmWpgylS4QKurLDKsloXlUaRSmKlLXI2HnFX%2FSfAC5X0AFcE%2FBMfNaSTi%2FqvrmlBzJHItiwyjH%2B6VCgY 46vPr3BCGi%2FTsep1g89rvPTuGMPsSU%2F2q1V09I432ZzwLahJWBqxG0%2Bez5rnD6iC6xRxb%2Bx55bBNJyjWwt4wc5kW5X%2FzVGXPcGMlTl8R0uVUhOyaan%2B1CRBZCZ3S6MEfyhDKsZBXHU ssBcyFWV7gWmQGT8O%2Buew8JJFa3jq4kFToxGTfpyya7dyepw8gfHyZCnjToTUbj9j08YX08Jhh%2B7Ex1IIWrz8RrLM14mEOQWyQmo0fMOn5kqOXSWo9XN6T2Q6kacOGhi1kFIBoYcQGnvilGhyD TwGMcT7MvIWig&checksum=222454542337479311b49da94a11a437ae8dba51cefd

scudderfish - 17/5/20 at 07:17 AM

Thanks, that gives me some search terms

Dingz - 17/5/20 at 11:08 AM

Might be worth trying Springmasters, in Reddich or even Terry springs.