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zetec black top to type9
simon04 - 17/1/21 at 05:56 PM

well today i trial fitted my new blacktop into my striker
Its going with a type 9 box
so once it was all together i noticed with the origional sump the starter motor has no chance of being fitted.
Am i right i thinking that the replacement raceline sump has modified castings to allow the starter motor to tb fitted?
lots of pics of sumps but not the gearbox end
any pics of raceline sump on a blacktop onto a type 9 ??


big_wasa - 17/1/21 at 06:09 PM

The gearbox is Irrelevant.

The standard sump will fit if you chop lots of material of it. And find a skinny compact starter.

But yes the raceline sump does have a very generous cut out both sides for any starter.

big_wasa - 17/1/21 at 06:16 PM

Martinís photo. I get carried away and chop more of than that.

Edit see sump mod sections.

There are down sides to this as it reduces oil capacity a lot.
Ok on the road but I would want more for a track car.

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Mash - 17/1/21 at 07:06 PM

Not sure if it would suit a locost, but you could look at the premiermotorsports sump. just fitted one to my ST170 engne for my mk2 escort and it's great. Less than 200 smackers delivered too

big_wasa - 17/1/21 at 07:09 PM

They do one for the F2 stock cars that should suit a kitcar.

simon04 - 17/1/21 at 10:50 PM

Thanks for the pic of the raceline sump
I can now sleep well
I got a starter off a guy on the forum great service very impressed
Does anyone have any contacts within raceline for discounts on the sump?

Big bloody bucks.....

Thanks again

simon04 - 17/1/21 at 10:54 PM

Out of interest what is the black plate attached to side of engine as mine doesn't have one it seems to be using 2 of the engine bracket holes

big_wasa - 18/1/21 at 09:36 AM

Plate is the start of my engine mounts.

No discounts to be had on Raceline but Gbs/ kitspares where as good as any.