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Engine Temps
simon04 - 7/3/21 at 05:52 PM

Hi All
Ok so the question today is as follows.
Brand new crate engine 2.0l Zetec blacktop.
What would you all suggest the correct running temp is?

I have an inline water temp sensor from ETB feeding an ETB gauge which is about 6 inches from the thermostat feeding the top rad hose
I also have the normal ford Water Temp sensor in the thermostat housing feeding the ecu.

They are both giving different readings.

So question is what sort of temp does a normal zetec black top run at??

Thanks all


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obfripper - 7/3/21 at 06:22 PM

The one in the top hose should fluctuate as the thermostat operates and could be as much as 20c different , the ecu one is prior to the thermostat so should peak a touch hotter and fluctuate less.

I normally see 90-94c in my ecu datalogs depending upon load etc, my gauge is connected to the second sensor on the thermostat housing - later engines have a blank fitting with no second sensor.


ian locostzx9rc2 - 7/3/21 at 06:57 PM

90degs is were it should be if your running an electric fan it should come on around 95/96 degs