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Ford Sierra 7" - Titan LSD install - FLANGE issue
HPDxxx - 24/3/21 at 10:59 AM

Hello guys,
i have a westfield with 7" sierra open diff installed from factory.
i have sent the unit to specialized dealer for installing a brand new Titan LSD.
they tell me that the flanges where i have attached drive shafts aren't compatible with this LSD...
it's something related to lenght and locking seger... i'm waiting photos from they.

do you have come experience about that?


mackei23b - 24/3/21 at 02:58 PM

Now I'm sure I did used to know this one...but for the life of me I can't remember. That said I know that all the Caterhams that run a Titan diff use the tripod joints so it's worth investigating what the differences are between the lobro joint and the tripod and this may give you the answer..?

I'm assuming that you have the lobro, bolt on CV joints?

HPDxxx - 24/3/21 at 04:04 PM

yes, i have 7" with lobro 100mm flanges.
caterham use push-in driveshaft, not bolted like mine.

here you can see photos from dealer.

HERE i think it's similar problem with trans-x lsd:


This differential lock is only available for FORD 7" differentials. All Caterham with 7" differential always have the version with plugged drive shafts. Various replicas use the 7" differentials with inserted shafts. If you supply us with drive flanges, they must have the same length and an intact retaining ring for us to be able to provide this Tran-X lock. Otherwise, the appropriate drive flanges must be purchased from Quaife.

CosKev3 - 24/3/21 at 04:29 PM

If those output flanges are different lengths you had a LSD already.

Open diffs with bolt on driveshafts the output flanges are equal length

mackei23b - 24/3/21 at 07:42 PM

Agreed, it's a viscous LSD, the 2 piece flange for the crown wheel is a clear indicator as well as the input shaft lengths. The Ford LSDs can lose their effect as the oil breaks down, you can test this the efficiency of the LSD, there is some info on the net somewhere on the service guide for the Ford LSD.

The Titan will be a better diff as the Ford diff is really too stiff for a light car. That said I had one and it was still good fun!

Good luck...

Charlie_Zetec - 25/3/21 at 10:20 PM

Pretty sure I had a similar situation when I changed my Ford LSD to a Quaife unit years ago - ended up having to buy the Quaife output shafts to make it work. I believe you can get the originals machined down to suit, but I couldn't tell you the details or where I found out as it's been so long....

HPDxxx - 26/3/21 at 07:24 AM

the oem unit isn't viscous.
yes quaife flange can be a solution, they have same lenght and elastic seger to lock, thanks for input.
i'll try to mod original one, becouse due to the brexit now it's very difficult buy in uk, last shipping take me 2 month and goes crazy with custom.
i'll keep you update.
thanks guys

mackei23b - 26/3/21 at 09:49 AM

Here you go here is a link to the ford viscous unit you have...

There are no ramp angles or clutch plates in that diff

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HPDxxx - 26/3/21 at 10:10 AM

thanks for help...
now i have installed a Titan carbon plate LSD... and the oem flange doesn't work.

do you know if it's possible to take off lobro from driveshaft and convert to "push-in" tripod? like caterham...?

the problem it's the lenght of my lobro flange doesn't match with titan, i need two with same lenght.

HPDxxx - 26/3/21 at 10:15 AM

so you tell me that i have flanges with different lenght becouse i had a viscous lsd installed before.
so i need two flange equal lenght from open diff?
some one have these to sell?

CosKev3 - 26/3/21 at 03:34 PM

Originally posted by HPDxxx
so you tell me that i have flanges with different lenght becouse i had a viscous lsd installed before.
so i need two flange equal lenght from open diff?
some one have these to sell?

Yes you had a viscous LSD.

Open diff would have equal length output shafts

HPDxxx - 26/3/21 at 03:43 PM

ok.. i have purchesed now a used diff unit with flanges without viscous unit.
i hope to use/mod these flanges with my titan.
i'll update you when will arrive.

thanks for your support guys!

mackei23b - 26/3/21 at 04:06 PM

Good luck, I hope this sorts everything out for you.

HPDxxx - 29/3/21 at 07:21 AM

i'll update when all parts arrive thanks

HPDxxx - 9/4/21 at 08:50 AM

hello guys... forum is back!

meanwhile diff unit with open diff it's arruived, and both flanges have equal lenght.
i need to short both for some mm and make a seat for snap ring compatible with titan.
i'll update when will be ready

big_wasa - 9/4/21 at 09:30 AM

If you have to shorten them can you not just shorten one from the ford lsd diff ?

The stubs are very hard steel. I had to use carbide bits to turn the outer hubs down.

HPDxxx - 9/4/21 at 10:08 AM

flange of ford lsd have different lenght, one it's too short and other it's too long, so i need anyway another couple of flanges and the ideal one come from open diff (thanks to CosKev3).

here flanges from ford viscous lsd

here you can see open diff flanges

will be modded like this.

where you see washer it's the seat of snap ring on titan unit.

big_wasa - 9/4/21 at 01:03 PM

Thanks for the info very useful

HPDxxx - 9/4/21 at 02:27 PM


i'll make snap ring with armonic wire in photo...
cross finger i'll update when installed.

HPDxxx - 13/4/21 at 02:38 PM

it seems to work
i'll update when will on the road again