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Clutch set up
Greenie - 8/6/21 at 07:24 PM

What clutch set up are people using for a Blacktop and MT75 combination....

big_wasa - 8/6/21 at 07:56 PM

I ran a billet fwd flywheel with a standard Ford Focus / Mondeo 240mm clutch. On the turbo I ran the focus Rs Ap racing clutch.

I used the extended Westfield thrust bearing. Other option is Gbs make a longer clutch pivot pin. Or you can make one diy.

big_wasa - 8/6/21 at 07:58 PM

Andrzejsr - 9/6/21 at 08:09 PM

I have bought mine Westfield with flywheel - dont know manufacturer but it weight was about 5,5-6kg
Helix 6 paddle clutrch plate
Sachs TYPM240 pressure plate

It was combined with extended clutch pivot pin (this welded one on pictures below)
Std thrust bearing
Dont know why, but previous owner used thin washers between pressure plate and flywheel (maybe the flywheel was after lightening thinner ?)

Few days ago I have chaged this setup to other:

- For Pinto clutch type Flywheel from Retroford (about 4kg (yes, not much difference, but before I thought the previous flywheel is 8 kg )

- 4 paddle helix clutch + HD Helix pressure plate Pinto type 215mm

The bearing in this set does not match the clutch release arm in MT75. I have removed old plastic part from previous bearing and installed it in this delivered from burton power in the kit. Pinto pressure plate finger springs needs rounded bearing, previos was flat.

The Pinto set is "highier" than previous one, so with std clutch pin it was just just when fully pulled to disengage the clutch. But to be sure I have made little longer clutch pin.
After first trackday all seems to work so far.

Later will try to add some pictures.

@big wasa - what is the weight of the turbo set (flywheel + clutch + pressure plate) ? and is the clutch with springs ?


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big_wasa - 9/6/21 at 08:19 PM

The Rs clutch is sprung as standard. I never weighed the combo. To eager to get it fitted.